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Royal Canin ® Breed Health Nutrition ® Shih Tzu Adult dry dog food is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 119
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You can choose between 2.5 pound or 10 pound bags for this Shih Tzu adult dog food. Royal Canin is dedicated to formulating their dog foods specific to different breeds of pets and takes into account that breed’s lifestyle, nutritional needs, and even tendency to develop health issues to create food that will address these concerns. Their breed formulas are made with your dog’s breed in mind, and the existence of a breed formula means that this certain dog breed needs it.
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Shih Tzu Puppy dry dog food 2.5 lb bag.
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My 8 month old Shih-Tzu / Bichon Frise cross puppy has been fed Royal Canin Mini Puppy since he was able to eat solid food at the breeder. He does very well on it and likes it. I mix it 50/50 with Oven Baked Tradition puppy. What is interesting, is that I tried to switch him off the Royal Canin to a “higher-rated food” along with the Oven Baked but he didn’t like any of the 3 I tried (GO!, Taste of the Wild, and Fromm 4* grain free). I spoke with 4 pet store associates – all from different stores – and they all said Royal Canin is great but has a bad rap and that they recommend it to people as one of the best dog foods. I will keep him on the Royal Canin and Oven Baked until he moves over to adult food and then may try to see what other brands he likes, simply for variety. I’ve read that alternating between foods is good to avoid possible food allergies, has anyone done that? What foods do you switch between? Royal Canin     Breed Health Nutrition       Shih Tzu Dog Food 10 lb. Bag
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When it comes to dry food for Shih Tzu puppy, I cannot think of anything else other than the Royal Canin Shih Tzu Dog Food Health Nutrition. The dog food is specially formulated for Shih Tzu puppies and contains a lot of EPA and DHA which are the essential Omega 3 fatty acids. The presence of the ‘good’ bacteria in the food also promoted a healthy digestive system which is essential during the growing years of Shih Tzu puppies.Royal Canine is making a lot of dogs sick have you looked into this?My Shih Tzu’s are on Halo but I will be fostering “teacup” Yorkies next month and was trying to find the best food for this small puppy So far I am not impressed with your recommendations.I have been feeding my Shih Tzu Royal Canin dog food since he was a puppy and he goes crazy everytime I pour it in the bowl. It was recommended by my …