Top 5 Best Dog Frisbee Brands and Flying Discs for Dogs (2017)

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A standard flying disk is hard for our pets to catch and can be a challenge for them to hold in their mouths. The custom rubber thatWham-O created gives our dogs the ability to catch and play easily. Wham-O has been a pioneer of fun and excitement to people for over 60 years. Pet parents and their pups will love to play with this new line of toys. In addition to the Frisbee, there’s a Wham-O Super Ball, along with many other durable pull and tug toys as well, which are great for indoor play during the colder months. Their entire pet product collection has been custom designed for dogs of different sizes so many popular smaller breeds can play too.
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This is by far the best dog Frisbee on the market right now. As previously mentioned, durability is a must and this Frisbee delivers just that. Made with soft rubber and nylon, this Frisbee can be taken anywhere and look like new afterwards. Not to mention this Flippy Flopper is safer for your dog’s teeth than other harder conventional Frisbees. outlet BITE: BallBee (Ball/Frisbee); Floating Pool Toys for Dogs – Durable Rubber Water Toys (Size: Medium Dog Toys) (Color: Red)
Photo provided by FlickrBITE: BallBee (Ball/Frisbee); Floating Pool Toys for Dogs – Durable Rubber Water Toys (Size: Medium Dog Toys) (Color: Red) low-cost
Photo provided by FlickrBITE: BallBee (Ball/Frisbee); Floating Pool Toys for Dogs – Durable Rubber Water Toys (Size: Medium Dog Toys) (Color: Red) cheap
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The KONG Frisbee adds another dimension to the usual game of fetch that smart dogs like Dobermans soon tire of. Noticed how your Doberman will only return a ball so many times? The KONG Frisbee mixes it up and keeps your Doberman and you exercising longer.
No safe dog toy is totally ‘Doberman Proof’ and those teeth will eventually go through anything, however the KONG Frisbee is pretty tough and more durable than any other frisbee I’ve tried. It flies well for a rubber frisbee and in red, it’s easy to find in long grass. A bonus – once you’re done playing you can flip it upside down and fill with water or treats for and instant on-the-go feed bowl.Frisbees for dogs are similar to the regular ones – these are flying discs that are intended for use as fetch toys under supervised play, and not as chew toys. The word of warning is that you should not leave your dog alone with a Frisbee toy, only something that has been specifically made for chewing. Even the best dog Frisbee may be made of rubber or cloth that could be toxic or cause an intestinal blockage if swallowed. So no chewing allowed! West Paw did a good job by using thick rubber on the outside rim, but keeping the center section flexible and thin, so it can resist chewing and it's able to maintain it's performance as a frisbee for a very long time. That being said, it's still got some weight to it, so it's not perfect for long distance flights, but still decent enough to make the dogs happy. If your pet is notorious for destroying toys, you must be looking for a durable and long lasting toy. Kong Rubber Flyer is made from exclusive KONG Classic durable, non-toxic natural rubber which makes it superior to the hard Frisbees that easily break or crack when using with the dogs. It is resilient and won’t be ruined between a dog’s teeth as it can withstand lots of aggressive biting and hard plays. The Frisbee is also great for all weather conditions and can even withstand extreme weather.Hard frisbees for pets could well be a thing of the past. Floppy Disc has introduced an innovative disc made of high-grade durable fabric with a soft rubber-tubing rim that can be folded for easy carry in your pocket. It’s perfectly safe and soft on your dog’s teeth and gums and a breeze to pick up. It flies well, floats on water, and comes in a bright color for easy retrieval.My athletic dog, Annie, also loves the . This is Kong’s soft and durable rubber frisbee. Regular plastic frisbees always crack and break when Annie leaps into the air and catches them, but these soft, flexible frisbees just bend in her mouth and then pop back into shape when she drops them. The Flyer is always in perfect condition even if it’s covered in a lot of slobber.

The is also a great way for our dogs to get some exercise, and it also provides us with the opportunity to get in on the game and play along!