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Hope he's doing better soon. Thanks viralmd! He's sleeping at my feet right now and taking it easy. The vet said his ph is high and she's afraid he'll develop struvite crystals. He's on cephalexin solution #1 twice a day, but I was wondering what people could tell me about about this Science Diet CD dog food before I purchase it from the vet.
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You wouldn’t eat Macdonalds every day if you were trying to loose weight and care for your health would you? That is what you are giving your dog if you feed it Science diet, Hills or any food with Grains. FREE shipping and the BEST customer service!
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SOO basically no one can answer the golden question:”whats a better urinary tract health food than science diet c/d?” i have a vet that is insisting on using Science diet c/d because my dog just got over bladder crystals…but seeing the review..HAHA i won’t even touch that shit! sorry but i love my dog and just want to find something better, he mentioned royal canine has a c/d like brand?? has anyone tried it? well I hope someone has suggestions!I have a vet that adamately states that Science Diet is the Best..of couse, he is an upscale Vet with many client also says the Blue Dog Food is not good for your dogs…but after much research and opinions I have determined it is the other way around. With the Vets I think it is a financial decision for them. By the way he feeds his dog cheeseburgers from McDonalds.?