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One of my customers asked me 'What's the easiest way to sell my dog online?'. I will give you the pros and cons in addition to my advice on how to actually sell a dog online.
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I can't tell you how rewarding it is to have started the fun, family-friendly, low-risk business of baking and selling dog treats. In addition to selling online, my husband and I sign up for pet-friendly events and get to watch the treats we've made sell like hotcakes. And you can't beat the benefit of relaxing at the events and chatting with like-minded pet enthusiasts. I've been able to earn extra income, and spend quality time with my husband. Free Pet Classifieds - Buy and Sell - Pets for Sale
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This is tough thing for most sellers to accept but; your puppies are not worth a cent if they are not vaccinated, wormed, vet checked, or registered. Registration is only possible if both parents are registered dogs of the same breed, and you would have to provide the buyer with registration papers.The question "Where can I sell my puppies?" is asked by all breeders at some point or another, and really, it should be. Years ago, local newspapers were the main (and often only) source of potential buyers for a breeder's puppies. Dog shows were a good source for the buyer if they were interested in finding reputable , but let's be honest, how many people take the time these days to visit a dog show when they are interested in finding a reputable breeder. Not enough.“I started on eBay and I realized early that I needed an independent website. So I wanted to integrate the inventory between eBay and a shopping cart. So I looked around and chose a very well known brand of shopping cart. They were fine if you were, say, shipping calculators and people were only buying one calculator. But with dog toys, consumers buy multiple items–blue balls, red balls and an elephant’s toy, for example–and the shopping cart almost took me out of business because it would not track my inventory. So I was only selling what I didn’t have and I wasn’t selling anything I had. It was a very bad experience. I would love to start a business selling as a affiliate for eBay and rescue dog’s from China and other country’s all over and bring a dog back home to a good home here in the US. 15% of all sales will go to my mission to SAVE abused animals by referrals, transport or finding people who can or want to help by donation or adoption or volunteer to travel to bring a rescued dog back home with me or someone else. So what type of small business would I be filing for? Nonprofit . I’m not sure. I started doing this already on my own and have alot of followers on FB & Twitter. And all the other online sell n buy apps I could find. Lol