May 7, 2015 - Former Shelter Dog Excels at Search & Rescue

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For example, housing and financial issues, not pet behavior, are the most common reasons dogs are given up, according to a 2000 study by the National Council on Pet Population. Based on current academic research, Karen Griffin, a Ph.D. student in animal behavior cognition and welfare at Lincoln University in the U.K., estimates that almost half of animals entering shelters in the U.S. are from private homes.
Upon arrival, a new dog is given a health and behavior evaluation. Shelters research a dog’s background as much as possible.
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Ace, like many of his fellow dogs in the program, is a rescue puppy. He was found tied to a railroad track in Fremont, CA, where he had been sprayed with mace and abandoned. Taken to an animal shelter for euthanasia, he was saved by a firefighter trained as an SDF trained search dog handler. After a recovery period, it became clear that Ace was fast, strong, tenacious, and loved hunting for toys–the very criteria required of a search dog. Following months of intensive training, Ace joined Ortenberger, and they set out as a disaster search team. Upon arrival, a new dog is given a health and behavior evaluation. Shelters research a dog’s background as much as possible.
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Looking for a solution, shelter staff contacted officials with the California-based foundation to see if they’d take her on as a search-and-rescue dog.Did you know that over 1,000 people per hour run a search right here looking to adopt a pet? Pet adoption is quickly becoming the preferred way to find a new dog, puppy, cat or kitten. Best of all, there are so many benefits when you adopt a dog or adopt a cat over buying. For instance, pet adoption will almost always be more affordable than buying a puppy for sale from a breeder or finding a kitten for sale from a litter. There are more benefits as well. Since pets in rescues and shelters usually come from a home where the owners ran out of money, got divorced, or had to move, it's common to find that the dogs and cats on our website are already housetrained, good with kids, or do well with other pets. People are finding out that buying a puppy for sale from a breeder isn't all it's cracked up to be and the stress of training a puppy is too much these days. Best of all, rescues care for their animals, and the dogs and cats don't leave the organization without having their shots and being taken to the vet. That means less stress, and more savings! So what are you waiting for? Go find that perfect pet!HSBC shelter staff reached out to the National Disaster Search Foundation, a non-profit organization in California whose mission is to strengthen disaster response in America by recruiting rescued dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters. Austin Animal Center takes in all types of unique pets, not just dogs and cats. Found, unique pets, exotics, farm animals and injured wildlife are brought to the shelter as well. Wildlife is sometimes transferred to Please check our and select ‘Other’ to search for animals other than dogs and cats.