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Bench dog crate. Or perhaps *two*, side by side, for small dogs...for instance wiener dogs. ; )
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Up and through the 1950s, dog crates were still considered a specialty item, something used by SPCAs and kennels, or private owners who were transporting their dogs inside a car, , or a boat. The majority of consumers made little distinction between a dog crate and a dog carrier. What's more, the American public had really come to embrace the idea of owning - or building - a more traditional dog house.
Dog Crate End Table - Side Entry - Made in USA - Exclusively by - Pet Classics™
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One of most portable and affordable dog crates available in the market today. This was designed specifically to fit side-by-side in SUV and van rear compartments. It's made of durable materials and is easy to clean. Fold and carry design as its main feature make it a portable crate. Now upgraded with two doors, one located on each end of the crate makes it very easy instance into the crate from either end. A suitcase style; is defined when this dog crate folds in seconds for easy storage. Includes comfortable plastic carrying handles for your convenience. Lastly, it has safe and secure slide bolt latches for rigidity and comes with a tough and easy to clean ABS plastic pan. Independent pan-stop allows pan removal with door closed. Solutions dog crates were designed to help people with specific needs that most common crates cannot perform. Solutions Side by Si
Photo provided by FlickrThe Fold and Carry Solutions Side by Side Dog Crate is the toughest pet crates made
Photo provided by FlickrSuv Side By Side Dog Crates are the perfect fit for your SUV and limited storage space.
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The 30 Series side by side dog kennels or dog crates are available in a hunting model or our new barred model. If you have a short-bed pickup, SUV or other vehicle with limited cargo depth and have the need to transport two dogs, the new side by side dog kennel is the solution. They are also useful in applications where there is limited space or easy loading and unloading is desired.In 1924, a Missouri inventor named Dwight McBride Porterfield's original design by adding a series of metal bars along one side of the crate. These bars provided the dog with a wide-open window, and they also functioned as the crate's primary door. SUV Crates are a great solution if you travel frequently, need to carry more than one dog, and have a vehicle with the space to fit. With the door on each end, they offer great flexibility in how your dog enters the crate, either from inside the vehicle, or from the tailgate end. The crates fold for storage, or transportation, and have a specially designed narrow width to fit side-by-side in the back of most SUVs and wagons.Designed around the safety, security and comfort of your Dog. The MidWest Select, a triple door dog crate sets up easily with the fold and carry configuration that requires no use of tools and can be completed by almost anyone. The dog crate comes to you equipped with every feature you can think of. Three doors for easy access to your pet inside either thru the traditional front door or access your pet from the side with the second door or out the back. The availability of the three doors make the crate easily placed in the house, car or RV.Because the doors are on the ends of the crates, this means that one door faces inside the vehicle and the other door faces the tailgate. This gives you options on how the dogs enter the crates. For example, on the way to their walk they can enter through the vehicle, but if Fido takes an unexpected swim, or gets particularly dirty, you can send him back in to the crate via the tailgate! : designed to fit side-by-side in the back of your van, or SUV.There are still many reasons for you consider a heavy duty crate. Some dogs can become alarmed by a knock at the door, a thunderclap, or from another unexpected stimulation. Rescue dogs can carry trauma and require special handling.