3 quick points about the Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Kyjen Coral Slo-Bowls are the healthy, natural and fun solution for dogs that wolf down their meals too quickly. Nature-inspired designs force dogs to chase their food through the maze, encouraging slower, safer, more engaging feeding.
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Hey Colby, thanks for doing a video review on slow feeder dog bowls. 🙂 Popcorn gobbles her kibbles in under a minute! I should really consider getting her a slow feeder dog bowl! Thank you so much for your recommendation 🙂 We really appreciate it! :} Have a Happy Thursday! Xoxo, Popcorn! Above Shot of the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
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I had certainly heard of slow feeder bowls but never used one before. I picked up the (it was about $20). It worked remarkably well in terms of slowing Turnip down. Turnip always gets served his bowl of food last (out of six dogs) when he was speed eating he would always be the first one of the six dogs eating (unless I hand fed him). With the Martha Stewart bowl Turnip now is munching his meal long after the other dogs are finished and he has not vomited up a meal since we started using it. What if your dog just lifts the slow feeder bowl and dumps it? While he is a fast eater Turnip was not impatient enough to lift up the slow feeder bowl and dump his food. I have watched several video reviews of slow feeder bowls being picked up and dumped over by larger breeds who were frustrated with having to work to get their food out of the bowl. Clever dogs…but not helpful if you are trying to slow down the dog’s eating pace. If this were the situation with Turnip I would still have worked with the slow feeder bowls. However,I would have integrated the bowl more slowly and trained him to use it. I would have done this by only putting a small amount food at a time in the bowl and rewarding (him) with more food in the bowl for working at getting the food out of the bowl without dumping it. This would be a great time to bring out the clicker!Because of the melamine issue I also tried out a stainless steel slow feeder. We tried the Durapet Stainless Steel Slo Feeder (Small). I ordered it off of Amazon for $12.00. This bowl gets one out of five paws…and only because its the only stainless steel option do I rate it at all. I prefer to use stainless steel dog bowls from a safety and sanitary perspective but from the perspective of slowing down Turnip’s eating pace…it made little to no difference at all. I don’t recommend this bowl. Available in three bright colors and two different sizes, the Fun Feeder works with natural shapes and spiral designs to reduce eating speed and minimize bloating. The large bowl works well for large breed dogs, and weighs in at 1.4 pounds to promote stability when in use. The Outward Hound Fun Feeder holds 4 cups of dog food and features an anti-slip base to minimize food spillage and sliding. It is top-rack dishwasher safe, and is free from BPA, phthalate, and PVC.
Outward Hound Mini
The Outward Hound Mini is available in orange, purple, or teal, and features the same non-slip and slow feeding features as the larger version. The Mini offers space for 2 cups of dog food, and adds up to 30 minutes to Fido's mealtime by promoting food chasing within the bowl. The slow feed bowl reduces bloat, regurgitation, and creates healthy eating habits. Keeping any dog and healthy begins with high-quality food, exercise, and slow-fed meals.