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Slow Feed Dog Bowl, PETBABA Interactive Maze Nonslip Dog Food Bowl to Slow Down Eating
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Slow Feed Non-Skid Dog Bowl Large (Assorted)
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…Cleaning, Slow Feeding Dog Bowl? Find out here: * Proven to Reduce Plaque, Tartar and Gingivitis* Reduces Air Intake, Improves Digestion and Prevents Bloat* BPA and Phthalate Free* Non-Skid Bottom* Dishwasher Safe Available in Two Sizes: Small: Max capacity: 2 cups of dry food; Recommended for dogsYes, my dog would benefit from a slow feeder ceramic dog bowl. As would I!
Photo provided by FlickrYes, my dog could benefit from a slow feeder ceramic dog bowl.
Photo provided by FlickrGreat slow feeding dog bowl. Prevent bloating
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The Slow Feed Non-Skid Dog Bowl is designed to keep your pet from eating his or her food too quickly. It is made out of durable, heavy-duty plastic and a non-skid bottom, so your pet doesn't have to chase his or her food around the room. It comes in Medium and Large sizes. See "Details" for measurements. Available in three bright colors and two different sizes, the Fun Feeder works with natural shapes and spiral designs to reduce eating speed and minimize bloating. The large bowl works well for large breed dogs, and weighs in at 1.4 pounds to promote stability when in use. The Outward Hound Fun Feeder holds 4 cups of dog food and features an anti-slip base to minimize food spillage and sliding. It is top-rack dishwasher safe, and is free from BPA, phthalate, and PVC.
Outward Hound Mini
The Outward Hound Mini is available in orange, purple, or teal, and features the same non-slip and slow feeding features as the larger version. The Mini offers space for 2 cups of dog food, and adds up to 30 minutes to Fido's mealtime by promoting food chasing within the bowl. The slow feed bowl reduces bloat, regurgitation, and creates healthy eating habits. Keeping any dog and healthy begins with high-quality food, exercise, and slow-fed meals. The Slow Feed Non-Skid Dog Bowl has dividers built into the bowl to stop your pet from gulping down food too quickly and potentially getting sick. These dividers make your pet work around the bowl, which slows down their eating process. The rubber bottom keeps the bowl in place, which reduces spilling. Slipping around the is no laughing matter when it comes to dog dishes. The Slow Feeder dog bowl puts a stop to slippage with its thermoplastic rubber bottom that prevents dogs from pushing it across the floor. The heavy-duty plastic bowl is bacterium resistant and dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean. Four unique walls inside of the bowl slow the intake of dry or wet dog food, and reduce bloating or gulping of food.
In medium, large, or jumbo sizes and blue or white color options, the JW Skid Stop Slow Feed dog bowl promotes healthy eating and regular digestion. Perfect for larger dog breeds, the jumbo feeder holds 10 cups of dog food, while the medium feeder holds 2.75 cups and the large feeder holds 5 cups, respectively. With three center standing posts inside the bowl, the slow feed dog bowl minimizes fast eating while offering dogs a little fun at feeding time. In three sizes, the brake-fast bowl works with dry or wet dog food, holding up to 8 cups of kibble in the large bowl, 5 cups in the medium bowl, and 1.5 cups in the small bowl.
Made from stainless steel or dishwasher-safe plastic, this dog bowl features a no-slip bottom surface and a no-tip rounded edge. In fanciful colors to suit any canine, the brake-fast slow feed dog bowl snaps into the brake-fast elevated dog feeder, which is sold separately. Dog bowls are not about enhancing home decor, but the Pets Slow Feeder dog bowl does just that and more. Featuring melamine and silicone materials, a sleek design, and non-skid bottom, this Slow Feeder is dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to hold enough to feed up to large dog breeds. Available in off-white or soft pastels, the dog bowl prevents Fido from wolfing down his kibble by utilizing three center posts to encourage food chasing. Stylish enough to leave out all day, the Martha Stewart Slow Feeder is an elegant departure from standard stainless steel bowls.