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Can someone help me? My dogs are currently on Halo Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken (dry) and I was thinking of switching them to Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health. The only problem is this review doesn’t have the Super5Mix listed and the ingredients vary a little bit than the ones above. Does anyone have an opinion on the Super5Mix? Am I better off keeping them on the Halo food or should I switch? Super5Mix is the only Wellness brand available where I’m shopping (other than small breed formulas which I can’t use), so please don’t suggest others. Thanks for any help.
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For the purpose of this article on Simply Nourish dog food, we’re going to be reviewing one of their most popular formulas as a sample, the Simply Nourish small breed adult dog food, chicken & brown rice formula. Now Fresh Grain Free Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls
Photo provided by FlickrThe Now Fresh product line includes 11 grain-free, dry dog foods
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I am a pet nutritionist and I think that this is a fantastic product. In the review they mention concerns about average protein content, but that’s exactly what you want as your standard: average, more or less depending on the size and age of your dog (but there are large/small breed formulas, and also puppy/senior). Too much protein can actually be detrimental, especially for larger dogs. Amino acids unused in the body get burned as energy, which is basically just an expensive way of doing the same thing that fat/carbs will do. Fat provides more energy per calorie than protein does. More is not necessarily better and I see this as a perfectly balanced food made with great, high quality ingredients.NEVER FEED YOUR DOG WITH WELLNESS !!!!!! My Chihuahua was healthy and on ‘My 1st choice’ previously. Once I mix some ‘Wellness simple small breed salmon’ dry food to him, his skin become swallow and vomiting on the next day. Firstly, I thought it was my Chihuahua problem which may be allergy to the food. Thus, I feed that holy WELLNESS dry food to my Spotty (My another big mixed dog). Spotty vomiting on the next day as well! I will never choose HORRIBLE WELLNESS product again!!!!This Fromm Gold Dry Food Review wasrequested by Connie from Florida. She wants to know if this formula for smallbreed adult dogs is a good choice for her adult dogs.

Before examining the food, we like to look at the companybehind the product. What we found wasvery favorable. We loved the fact that all the ingredients that go into theproduct are farmed in North America with the exception of lamb present in someproducts which is obtained from New Zealand and Australia.

The company has been in existence since 1999, and I could not find any evidenceof food recalls. Continuing our Petcurean dog food review, we looked at the types of food available.

The company has a variety of Brands: GO,NOW and Summit Holistic. The NOW line isavailable for puppies, adults, seniors, large breeds and small breeds. However, their website did not publish theAAFCO Adequacy Statement, which lets us know that the food is appropriate foreach life stage. Canned and dry (kibble)are the only two types of foods we could see listed on their site.