Pet Champion Extra Small 19" Pet Dog Carrier, Brown/Black

Dog pens can help with house training or managing multiple small pets at one time
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If you have puppies, or smaller dogs, you won’t need as sturdy of a cage or one that’s quite as large as those meant for full sized dogs. Even better, most of these won’t scratch your floors if they do get moved. If your dogs meet these requirements, take a look at some of the following pens and you might be surprised at just what you can get.
*Note: We don't include any mesh dog playpens in this review because these type of pens work best for puppies or very small dogs only.​
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Dog pens give our pets the freedom of a yard with the benefit of confinement that a cage would provide. By creating a fenced-in play area that will give your small dog, or animal, room to move around and play in, he is likely to be less anxious when you host a dinner party that your pooch didn’t get an invite to. Pens are also beneficial if your dog ever needs to be separated, or isolated, for a short period of time but needs more room than a crate can provide. Pens are a portable option that can be used both indoors and outdoors, making traveling with your dog simple and straight forward rather than a worrisome hassle. The Frisco Dog Exercise Pen with Step-Through Door is an easy to use and collapsible dog pen that is made of sturdy metal wires with a durable coating, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. There are a variety of sizing options allowing you to find the right fit for you, your pet and your home. For the four-legged escape artist in your family, check out IRIS Nylon Mesh Security Roof for 4 Panels Exercise Plastic Pen that will prevent your dog from jumping out of his pen and crashing your party. Indoor dog crates with floors and optional tops, large wooden pet pens for smaller dogs, and wooden pet gates.
Photo provided by FlickrYou see, these businesses are in it for the profit, and as such they are designing smaller and smaller pens, but are marketing them for medium or even big dogs.
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Pupperton offers the highest-quality premium-hardwood in-home pet confinement products available. Whether you're shopping for smaller dog crates to use as beds, larger indoor exercise pens for day-long confinement, or for pet areas in your home, you can trust Pupperton to deliver quality and options that precisely match your unique style.Pet professionals agree that indoor dog crates and pens are by far the safest place for smaller dogs when leaving them home alone. With both upper and lower latches on a locking gate, a snap-on attached waterproof floor, and an available lock-on top cover ensure safe-keeping, Pupperton is an obvious choice.​Mesh dog playpens are the lightest and easiest to transport of all dog playpen choices. This type of playpen would be good option for young puppies or small dogs. These type of pens are not very sturdy so they would not be a good choice for boisterous dogs or dogs that chew.All other dog playpens have horizontal bar connections which make them easy to climb up and out of. With these vertical-only openings, the 36” Richell playpen is just about as effective as other 48” playpens for small to medium dogs.The next couple of products are some of the best you’ll be able to find for full sized dogs. Those with puppies or particularly small canines may want to skip to the next section where we’ll discuss a few dog playpens ideally suited for smaller dogs.Playpens for dogs from North States Industries are often advertised as working well with both pets and kids, so if you're not on the lookout for a dog-specific playpen (with additional small doors and extra pet safety), this can be a great and affordable option.