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Step-In Harness for Small Dogs available in girth sizes: 10”-13” and 12”-18”
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Small Dog Harness, Step-In Harness, Rolled Leather Dog Leash set Genuine leather rolled dog step in harness for small and miniature dog breeds .
Genuine leather rolled dog step in harness for small and miniature dog breeds .
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If your dog still needs to look fetching (get it?) at the dog park, consider this design. It comes in baby pink, green, blue, and orange and has a nice pattern that breaks up the utility of it a bit. As a bonus, this is a step-in harness, which will make it even easier to put on. There’s only one buckle across the back so putting it on is a breeze. It comes in small, medium, and large, which is a bit more restrictive than the sizing options of the other harnesses on this list. Dog Harness | Step-in Harnesses | Small Dog Harnesses - Funny Fur
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Photo provided by FlickrStep-In Harness for Small Dogs available in girth sizes: 10”-13” and 12”-18” Buy Now
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It’s also a simple step-in harness design that doesn’t get too in the way for a small dog, and it also ensures you’ll have an easy time of putting the harness on and off your dog.The BEST small dog choke-free step-in harness! We have tried many & this is by far the best. We've used ours for almost 1 full year now. Highly Recommend! Brand:Doggie Design Ultra USA Choke-free Dog Harness.We've used Lupine collars and leashes for our dogs as long as I can remember. They are of great quality, and we love the designs and colors. This time we purchased a step in halter for a very small dog. It is light weight, the webbing is soft, and there is no scratchy stitching or webbing edges. It wasn't easy finding a harness small enough to fit, and easy to put on, but this harness is perfect. She's just a puppy, so she's doesn't like it yet, but she will adapt!Our Step in Dog Harnesses are not only easy to put on and take off, but with their 4-way adjustability you'll get the right fit as well. Our "no-choke" dog harnesses sit well below your dogs neck, and are great for travel too. Our Harnesses come in over 40 designs, and fit small dogs from 7lbs up to large dogs over 80 lbs.I was very excited about the ECO line - I love the colors & the look of the products. Unfortunately Lupin offers only a step-in harness, not a roman harness, in this line.
I purchased two medium step-in harnesses & 1 small harness - the small was too small for my little dog but the medium overwhelmed her small frame ... Secondly I just do not like step-in harnesses. I returned the step-in harnesses.
I would love Lupine to add a roman harness to the ECO line. Be sure to watch our video on Measuring Your Dog for our Step-in Dog HarnessesThe list below provides a few examples of dog breeds* and their approximate weight that would correlate to our harness sizes. If there is any uncertainty about your dogs size, Give us a call at our toll-free number listing at the top of this page. We'd be happy to help! Harness sizing can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Just as one brands "small" differs from another brands "small" in human clothing, such is the case with a dog's harness. To ensure the proper fit, measure your dog with a soft tape rule for accurate measurement.About Our Step-In Harnesses
An Artful Canine Step-in Dog Harness is designed to fit your pup perfectly, regardless of his/her body type. Our step-in harnesses have 4-way adjustability, allowing you to adjust the shoulder straps independent of the girth straps for a perfect fit. Once you've determined his/her girth size, be sure to pick a harness with an adjustability of at least 2" larger and 2" smaller than your dog's girth to allow for weight fluctuations and hair growth in between grooms.