CUSTOM SMALL Dog Teepee Cat Teepee Dog Tent by WoolyDoodleApparel

Natural Canvas Pet Tent/Tepee- Small Dog or Cat - PICK your PILLOW - by vintage kandy
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Dogs who are country dogs, you don't have to worry about their paws. You don't have to worry about their fur coat warmth either. Our dog sleeps in the snow every time it snows instead its straw filled house. Yes, it depends on the dog. Any sheppard/collie like dog with longer fur has no problems with cold. If you bring a small tent for the dog they will go in. Even short haired dogs if country reared will have a high metabolism and snow is fine for them. But if camping on snow, still bring a pad for them as usually they will have their summer coat by then instead of their winter coat.
Small Tennessee Vols Pup Tent Pet Bed For Cats/ Dogs / Ferrets ...
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Dog/Cat Teepee Pet Tent -Small 24" base- Natural Canvas -PICK YOUR PILLOW - Ready Made or Custom Order it - Tenthouse Suite by Vintage Kandy on Etsy, $95.00 Small-Pet-Bed-And-Dome-Tent-Set-Dog-Raised-Cot-Portable-Outdoor-Water ...
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Photo provided by FlickrHome made oxygen tent for small dog suffering from enlarged heart. 30 minutes to an hour several times per week has improved her breathing!
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Thischeap and cheerful small dog tent is available in bright orange andblue colors (for some reason we prefer the orange!). As the namesuggests it has an instant pop-up mechanismand folds back down into a convenient carry bag making it both easilyportable and storable. Mesh on three sides and an open entrance combineto ensure good air circulation whilst the canopy itself is UV treated(180 T). The product is a good size for a small dog (or maybe two verysmall dogs) and could be good for both indoor and outdoor use. (Thelatter in fair weather only we would suggest.) It comes with its ownbasic floor pad but you may feel you need to supply an additional layerof comfort. All things considered, however, a fun item at a low pricebut nothing more!Welike Petsfit products here at Dog Tent: they tend to make good qualityitems at affordable prices. They’ve previously won our Silver Medal fora range of their soft crates and it looks as if they’ve come up withyet another good looking design here! Actually, their Soft-Sided PetKennel comes in two slightly different designs: one small version hasan attractive arched roof whilst the other sizes have the moretraditional box shape. However, both have the same features, and bothlook attractive. The kennels are for small to medium-sized dogs. Theyhave enough mesh included for good ventilation plus blinds. All of thesizes come with a comfy, washable mat, a handy carry bag and a zipperedfront entrance. And all are foldable down to a nice flat level fortravel or storage. As mentioned before, Petsfit are very reasonablewhen it comes to prices and this range of kennels of theirs is nodifferent! Unsurprisingly good reviews at the time of writing!We’vefeatured Coleman products before on our pages but they we’re usuallytents designed for humans with a built-in annex for a dog. But nowwe’re happy to feature a Coleman tent that is specifically designedwith four-legged inhabitants in mind! This small to medium-sized pop-upkennel is of the ‘twist-to-collapse’ variety making it easy to packaway when not in use. A non-slip base hugs onto rugs and carpets andlarge mesh side-windows allow for good airflow. The design is nice andlightweight but this pro may also be a con for some hyperactive dogs!The reviews are mainly good and it seems, so far, that Coleman hassuccessfully transferred their know-how from human to canine tents!This is the secondtime around that we've featured thisparticular tent on this page - it disappeared for a while but now it'sback. Has anything changed? No, not really. The first thing to say isthat it only just makes it as a 'large' dog tent. It's suitable mainly,however, for medium-sized dogs and just maybe for hounds at the smallerend of the large breed spectrum. Please take note of the dimensions forthe both the tent and your dog before buying! The reviews (althoughthere are only a couple now after the product's reappearance) areechoing those of the past - fairly average. The main concerns raisedfrom both periods are that the tent is hard to pack away after use andthat it's quite a flimsy item, prone to toppling with an exciteable doginside! We certainly don't regard this as a good canine camping tent!On the plus side is an included carry bag (useful if you can get thetent back into it!), plenty of ventilation and, of course, the price!For its size it's quite an affordable tent that could be good for justcasual use. And so if you have a relaxed, medium-sized dog and justwant a cheap, occasional shelter this could be good for you and yourdog. Ifnot, carry on looking!