Insulated Pet Doors for Large & Small Dogs

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Weather proof flaps tend to be slightly heavier than the average flap, with additional magnets to keep insulation value high. With electronic pet doors, flaps are made of acrylic plastic. These flaps are sized for small dogs and cats. Automatic pet doors that open upon reading a collar key signal, have flaps made of plexiglass and for larger pets. Be sure to prioritize your needs along with that of your pet so you both are happy.
Though small dogs can use cat doors, these doors are designed specifically for cats. Cat doors are designed with wider frames and hard, see-through flaps.
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The other key element that makes the Power Pet door unique is its extremely efficient, compact and quiet running DC gear-motor drive system. While the AC motor drives used in would-be competing products are cheaper and easier to employ, our engineers developed a sophisticated "puse-width-modulated" DC gear-motor drive that runs quick, cool and quiet while being small enough to allow the Power Pet door to have a very slim, attractive profile. This allows the door to be surface mounted making it very easy to install with an attractive, non-intrusive appearance in your home. Today, our new, improved PX-1 and PX-2 electronic doggie and kitty doors incorporate the latest developments in electro-mechanical engineering making Power Pet doors truly, Magnetic doors respond to the magnet in your pet's collar key. Let your small dog outside to use the bathroom, or give your cat exclusive access to her litterbox.
Photo provided by FlickrThe petsafe doors are offered; A doggy walking through the medium door. The Petsafe is easily used by all types; A puppy walking through the small-sized door.
Photo provided by FlickrIn general, dog doors can range from 13 inches by 23 inches on the extra-large end, to 5 inches by 8 inches on the small side
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Our Ideal Pet Dog Doors have been designed with your pet’s safety and sense of adventure in mind. Our unique doors include large and small pet patio doors and rough weather dog doors to provide a safe haven for your dog(s) during the harsh winter season.

Browse our current selection of products and choose the best dog door for your family’s needs.For example, small pet doors that are designed to install in screen doors mount onto the bottom of a screen door frame. This makes the bottom of the pet door opening only about 2 inches off the floor. If the total height of the pet door is only 6 inches, your pet is probably going to have to stoop pretty low to get through. A young, spry dog or cat will probably have no trouble but all that stooping can take a toll. When it comes to small pet doors just how small is small? Unfortunately, there are no standard measurements in the pet door industry. So a dog door labeled as a small pet door by one manufacturer could equal the size of a medium pet door by a different manufacturer. That is why it's important to note the actual size of the flap on small pet doors and compare with the actual size of your dog or cat. The good news for people with big dogs is there are a few brands that make large window insert pet doors. offers the most options by far with window pet doors in 11 different sizes each for horizontal windows and vertical sash windows. That's a lot of options! Hale didn't stop at the usual small, medium and sizes. They even go way beyond models with their Giant size that measures 15 1/2 x 27 1/2. models are usually small pet doors and are generally used as cat window doors, but not always. Some people who own dogs, even big dogs, simply do not have any other option other than to install a pet door through one of their windows. And if the window is high off the ground they may need to incorporate a pet ramp so the dog can exit the pet door and safely get to ground level. We hope this information will be helpful to you as you research small pet doors. We offer more and than any other online retailer. With such an extensive lineup we are confident we have the perfect small pet door solution for just about any situation no matter how challenging. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about installing a small or any other style of doggy door.