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Kuranda's small dog beds are sure to be your dog's new favorite spot in the house.
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For example, it only makes sense that small dogs will need smaller beds and large dogs will need larger beds, but there are other factors to think about. If your dog is getting older or has problems with his bones and joints, an orthopedic bed might be the best choice.
DIY Dog Beds - DIY Dog Cabinet - Projects and Ideas for Large, Medium and Small Dogs
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With a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from, looking for dog beds that offer style and comfort while featuring durable and washable fabric, can be overwhelming. Which bed will be the best fit for your specific dog? Some sites recommend that dogs who enjoy rolling around and sleeping on their backs, a standard large round or square pillow-type bed is an excellent option since these are soft, roomy and above all, spacious. However, for obese of seniors dogs a special orthopedic bed with firm foam construction will provide almost-custom support to the body. Some suggest that a nesting bed with sides is better for a small pup or for dogs that like to sleep in a curled up position. But these are all just suggestions. After all canine bed manufacturers want to have as many different canine bed designs as possible.
Photo provided by FlickrDIY Dog Beds - DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed - Projects and Ideas for Large, Medium and Small Dogs
Photo provided by FlickrDIY Dog Beds - DIY Rustic Dog Bed - Projects and Ideas for Large, Medium and Small Dogs
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Great Dog Bed!
Having owned many small dogs in the past and never having much luck with their actually using a bed or cushion, I went online to search dog beds that Shiba Inu dogs prefer. Many reviews stated the Kuranda dog bed, and so I decided to give it a try. The minute I put my new puppy down she went right into the bed, and continues to do so. She absolutely loves it, and I couldn't be more satisfied.
Lisa the new Shiba Inu Puppy Owner
Bensalem, PA An enchanting small dog bed with modern style. Small dogs love to cuddle in the Burger Bed. It is soft, cozy, and gives a sense of security unlike any other beds. - Chic designåÊ - Super soft & cozy -Great dog bed
I have two small dogs - Yorkie and Yorkie/Westie mix. Together they literally weigh 13lbs. But somehow, they manage to tear apart the biggest, best dog beds we can find. So I did my research, I figured if I buy the most expensive one I can find they can't chew it right? Wrong. They chewed through another company's bed in 3 days flat. .. Long story short, I have had this Kuranda bed for about a week now, my dogs sleep on it in their kennel and they don't even TRY to chew it. .. Love it, easy to clean if we need to, very simple design, short enough to let them jump on it (they have trouble jumping our stairs).
Thornton, CO Big Dogs - Small Beds Compilation
A compilation of big dogs feeling cozy and comfortable in really, really small beds. Because there is nothing more relaxing than sleeping in that little bed.

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► Follow us on Twitter: Smaller dogs have their incentives if you’re on a smaller budget for a pet. That is, they consume less food, wear smaller clothing (if you’re into dressing up your dogs), and general play with smaller toys. Dog beds are no different, the smaller the dog, the smaller the dog bed that’s needed. This is where The Puppy Hugger comes in. Our small dog beds are probably our most popular bed size. And who can resist? With the luxurious faux furs, the beautiful colors, and the great selection of patterns, there’s a small dog bed to fit your pups personality.We recommend you ignore breed and weight suggestions on websites for choosing a bed in the “right” size. Instead, grab a measuring tape and measure your dog from nose to tip of tail, from toe to top of the withers. Then, order a bed that’s at least 12 inches longer and wider than the dog’s measurements. Doing this can be especially helpful when shopping for dog beds for small dogs - "small" could mean a lot of things.