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ou have decided that a small dog is the best pet for you or your family situation. Are you afraid that you'll get a “yapper”? It's true that some of them love barking, but among these 20 best toy dog breeds, just a few are known as such and I'll point those out.
Small Dog Breeds That are Toy Dogs, Small Dog Care for Miniature Dogs and the Best Small Dogs.
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We needed a centralized starting point, and chose the American Kennel Club’s lists of the overall, cross-referenced specifically with their for 2014 and 2013. From there, we consulted no fewer than 10 other lists from across the Internet of the 10 or 20 most popular small, miniature, or toy dog breeds. Of the 14 tiny dogs who comprise our list, the top dogs appeared on all 10 lists, while the last ranked appeared on 4. These mini bully sticks are best for small dogs, toy breeds, and new puppies
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Photo provided by FlickrJun 1, 2016 - Despite their small size, small and Toy breed dogs may actually require more calories per pound than larger dogs
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The Bolognese is a small breed of dog of the Bichon type, originating in Italy. The name refers to the central Italian city of Bologna. It is part of the Toy dog group and is considered a companion dog. They love attention, and make good house pets. They are good at socializing with other dogs, big and small.Chihuahua. Maltese. Pomeranian. The list goes on and on. They’re toy dog breeds, and whatever they’re called the fact remains — these dogs are small in stature. Weighing in usually under 18 pounds, toy dog breeds can be a lot of fun, especially for people who live in small houses or apartments.Sweet and docile, these dogs get along well witheveryone. They are one of the larger ofthe toy breeds, weighing in at between 13 and 18 pounds. But they are still considered a quiet small breed dog.
The Poodle (both Standard and Toy) is considered by most experts to be the one of the brightest and easiest dogs to train. For this reason alone, the Toy Poodle is one of the best small toy breeds a future owner can adopt, but there are cons as well.Like a lot of these best toy dog breeds listed here, the Pekingese loves attention and does not like being left alone very often. For whatever reason, this neediness is most applicable to small dogs and in particular toy breeds. Toy dogs are small dog breeds that are very popular pets today. Though small in stature, miniature dogs are big in attitude and quite tough. They often have courage disproportionate to their size. Despite their diminutive stature, they have strong, well-defined personalities.5 small dog breeds (under & pounds). Tiny & Beautiful. Enjoy!

Gentle, playful, affectionate; fearless in a charming toy-dog way.
Under 7 pounds

Sprightly, tomboyish, and affectionate
Not exceed 7 pounds.

Toy Fox Terriers are outgoing and friendly, yet fiercely loyal to their families.
Under 6 pounds

#2. CHIHUAHUA Teacup
Graceful, charming, and sassy.
from 3 to 4 pounds

Lively, bold, and inquisitive—a prototypical "personality breed".
from 3 to 4 pounds

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No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. Copyright issue? Send us a message and we'll get it resolved. Small dog breeds make excellent house pets, and their small size makes them great for apartment living. For people who are sedentary, are elderly or disabled, or that travel a lot, they make a perfect companion. Their small size and light weight makes them easy for the elderly or disabled to pick them up. This also makes them quite mobile and easy to travel with either by car or plane. Toy dogs are great traveling companions and are readily accepted just about everywhere. Toy dogs require less space than other dog breeds, they shed less, and they eat and eliminate smaller amounts. Many miniature dogs also need less exercise than the larger breeds, usually just a walk or two a day. Each breed has its own activity level. Some, like the Pekingese, have a lot of stamina and love long walks. Others enjoy spending their time as lap dogs, and content with a short jaunt around the block. If you are interested in getting a Toy Dog, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about the breed type. Know the traits and behaviors your dog may demonstrate so you can provide the proper care, housing, and exercise for your pet. All companion dogs, no matter what their makeup, will benefit from good socialization and training.