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Many pet friendly apartments have strict rules that regulate what types of animals you can keep. Some dog friendly apartments, for instance, will only allow dogs under 30 pounds. Some might even ban certain breeds. Other pet friendly apartments might allow residents to keep cats, but not dogs. Since the specific details differ so frequently, it is smart to get information that helps you determine whether the apartment is friendly for your type of pet.
Since small dogs take up less space, many apartment dwellers prefer the smaller dog ..
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The Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese are our third choice in the best apartment dogs list. The Yorkie, as well as the maltese, eat lesser, poop lesser (than most other dog breeds including the #1 and #2 above), shed less (both are hypoallergenic), is very smart (Yorkie), very trainable(Yorkie) and silky smooth (Yorkie & Maltese). The Yorkie is a watchdog, will bark at strangers, but will sometimes bark unnecessarily and continuously, which can be quite irritating. The maltese is very mild mannered, affectionate little dog, which constantly needs your tender loving care. It is probably the mildest, safest small dog to have in an apartment for a family with kids. However, you may feel sorry for the dog if the kids keep bullying him. Discover the best dogs for apartments—it's not who you'd expect
Photo provided by FlickrGreyhounds are a smart breed and are generally easy to train.
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In our opinion, the Lhasa Apso is the best apartment dog. The Lhasa sheds less (hypoallergenic), eats less, poops less, is an amazing watch dog (he will hear sounds that humans are simply incapable of hearing), does not bark constantly without reason, is smart, protective and possesses common sense (which is very uncommon!). After a while, you will feel this dog breed understands human language! Kids will need to behave (not torture the dog) or the Lhasa will make them behave. Strangers will not be able to enter freely into the apartment and smother the Lhasa or take him for granted. This dog breed will be highly alert, a bit aloof, dignified and very protective of his home, owner and family. This dog is not a vanilla breed – the Lhasa has a personality and respects himself. You can train the Lhasa a little, however, once fully grown, the Lhasa will behave as if he has been trained (even without training) and understands how to behave in different situations. Each Lhasa will closely mirror his owner’s personality – if the owner is friendly, the Lhasa is a bit friendly, if the owner is aggressive, the Lhasa bites! The Lhasa’s long coat will get tangled and develop matts. However, inspite of having long hair, the Lhasa does not shed much and you can cut the hair short in a cute puppy cut.: Another one of our favorite giant breeds has made it onto this list! The Great Dane is a member of the Working Group and can be a great pet in many different living situations, including an apartment! Great Danes are smart, friendly, loyal and make excellent companions. While they are very good watchdogs, they are not huge barkers and thus will not get you evicted! The Great Dane is usually fairly inactive in the house but will need a decent amount of exercise per day. If you have an active lifestyle, this may be the dog for you! Danes have very short fur and can be brushed easily to remove dead hair.Toy / Tea cup poodles as apartment dogs: Poodles are very smart, very trainable, least shedding, hypoallergenic dog breeds. They can be a good choice as apartment pet dogs. However, they do bark a lot unnecessarily and that can be quite irritating. Also, it is important to choose a toy poodle carefully as breeders have tried to miniaturize the toy poodle / tea cup poodle so much that many puppies are born weak and struggle for survival as unhealthy adults.Often referred to as Scotties, Scottish terriers are feisty, smart dogs with coarse coats that weigh less than 20 pounds. They are territorial, confident, and cautious of strangers, which make them excellent watchdogs. Their small size is great for apartment living, but it should be understood that they require moderate exercise and play as well as firm discipline. Exceedingly loyal and good-natured, Scotties make wonderful protectors for those living with kids in the home.