PetRageous Designs Class Act Stoneware "Water" Dog Bowls

Daily Menu Stoneware Dog Bowls feature a chalkboard-style statement as unique as your dog!
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Feast your eyes on these fetching, hand-thrown bowls perfect for Fido or your favorite feline. 's stoneware food dishes are hand-thrown on a potter's wheel then hand-inscribed with "happy dog" or "cool cat," marking your pet's precious territory. Inside, glossy turquoise glaze adds a pop of color to the design, while the outside is left unglazed, giving the exterior an easy-to-grip texture. Handmade in Westlake Village, California.
Remove plastic and metal bowls from your dog's daily diet by switching to stoneware
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There are a wide number and types of dog bowls on the market today. Stainless steel, plastic, silicone, ceramic, stoneware, bamboo, non-skid, slow-feeding, non-spill, and yes, even automated portion-sized ones. However, with so many options out there, how is one suppose to decide which one to get? Find Stoneware Dog Bowls | Drs. Foster & Smith
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PetRageous Designs’ pet bowls are designed to be functional, durable and attractive. Our stoneware pet bowls are made of the highest quality ceramic. Each is hand painted and oven-fired to resist fading and chipping. Our stainless steel dog bowl line offers a variety of metallic choices with embossed designs and non-slip rubber bottoms. Our designer plastic dog bowls are made of durable, light-weight plastic and feature non-slip rubber feet. All pet bowls are available in various shapes, sizes and styles.Why settle for one dog bowl when you can have two with this PetRageous Designs Buddy’s Best Double Diner Pet Feeder? This double dog bowl features a classic, practical design that consists of and two ceramic food and water bowls. With this double diner bowl you can keep your dog’s food and water in one place, or you can feed two dogs side-by-side. The elevated stand also helps to make it easier for your dog to reach his food if he has trouble bending his neck. This double diner dish features two bowls made from heavy ceramic stoneware that have been glazed and fired to resist chipping and cracking. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe!Ceramic dog bowls have our chew proof guarantee. The pet bowls stoneware heavy weight construction and stable wide profile eliminates tipping, movement and spillage. Dishwasher safe, lead free and super sanitary ceramic water bowls are perfect for any pet that eats and drinks. Glaze finish allows for easy cleaning. High quality long-lasting ceramic dog bowls are 100% American made. Use them inside or outside. The large ceramic dog bowl is suitable for very large dogs. The small white ceramic bowl suits cats, rabbits, and other small pets. The medium stoneware pet bowl is for everything in-between. For other durable stoneware check out these and .Our collection of ceramic dog bowls, ceramic water bowls and ceramic food bowls will ensure your dog eats in style. The stoneware dog bowls we carry are brand name and durable.Pets are family too, we all know. Add their name to our durable Hadley stoneware feeding bowl so they too can feel as connected to the sweet Hadley charm as you do! Start them out with Hadley early—4” personalized stoneware bowls for puppy or kitty. 8” hand painted dog bowls are also available.