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We have an 11 month old Shepherd (Stella) and a 2 year old Husky (Samson)… they are the best buds, but we have always had huskies and have never had to deal with barking issues. Our problem has come up in the past 6 months, and unfortunately we had/have no idea it is a problem as Stella never barks while we are home. She & Samson play a lot and ONLY while we are gone does she bark at Samson. Usually it is when he has had enough of her and he can get up onto our trampoline for a play break. She cannot get up there so she playfully (and annoyingly) barks at him until he gets down. According to our neighbors, it can go on for hours. We are frustrated because on a rare occasion she does bark at other dogs or deer near our fence while we are home, it takes one call to her and it immediately stops. She doesn’t bark AT our neighbor or their dogs (according to them), so I must assume it is generally directed at Samson and she is annoyed by his lack of attention or enthusiasm to play more. We did put up an ultrasonic birdhouse device near their fence to at least direct the barking away from them, but it’s still loud even on the other side of the yard… Aside from removing the trampoline, what can we do to help this situation as we have yet to witness it and can’t fix what we don’t actually see happening…
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Yes, the sonic dog repellants do work! I live where the houses are close together too. Our neighbor works the midnight shift. His dogs would bark the minute he would leave and stop when he got home. I probably should have said something to him, but his wife passed away and I felt bad for him. I had a sonic dog repellant. It looked like an ordinary garage door opener. The dogs would stop barking when I pushed the button.
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Birds sing; frogs croak; and a dog barks, whines and howls. If you have a dog, you better expect some barking, whining or howling. It is unrealistic and unfair to think you can train your dog to stop barking altogether. However, you, your neighbors and your dog will all be much happier if the barking is under control.Most dogs instantly stop barking because they can't sniff and lick the treat while barking. During this quiet time praise her continuously - - "Good girl, stop barking, what a good quiet dog you are, good dog . . ." After 3 seconds of no barking, let her have the treat. The next time she barks, require her to stop barking for 5 seconds before she gets the treat. Each time she is told to stop barking and succeeds, she will be rewarded.It's no wonder people have barking problems with their dogs. Most dogs have no clue as to whether barking is something good or something bad. Sometimes when the dog barks, he is ignored (owner in a jolly mood). Other times, the dog is encouraged (owner sees suspicious stranger outside the house). And yet other times, the dog is yelled at (owner has a headache). Humans are consistently inconsistent. In order to help your dog know your rules, teach him what they are. Here is a good rule to start with: Barking is OK until the dog is told to "Stop Barking." Think of "Stop Barking" as an obedience command rather that simply an unpredictable reprimand. Each time your dog barks, after two or three woofs, praise her for sounding the alarm. Then tell her, "Stop Barking." Simultaneously, waggle an especially tasty food treat in front of her nose.When your dog stays quiet for the required period of time after you've asked her to please, "Stop Barking," she is rewarded. When she makes a mistake, your unsuspecting poochie's very next wooflet should be met with a cataclysmic, earthshaking 120 decibel "STOP BARKING!!!" Most dogs are so totally shocked and amazed by this horrendous outburst that they will stare at you in disbelief (and silence). If this outburst makes your dog more excited, then you might try an ice-cold I-mean-business tone of voice. Sometimes a splash of water in the face will do the trick. You must find something that will instantly make your dog stop barking. As soon as your dog stops barking, even for just a tenth of a second, you must immediately and instantly reward her. After enough repetitions your dog will learn the meaning of the command, "Stop Barking," and you will no longer need your training props (water, treats, etc.)