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My German Shepherd has been on Halo for 3 years because she can not have grain. About 6 months ago her stools were soft every other day. Then we noticed after she would eat she was uncomfortable. Licking the front door. Trying to lick up anything on the carpet. It was a red flag that she ate too fast. So we gave her 2 sugar free Tums. I never thought it was HALO until NOW! I have noticed the food does not smell fresh. The pieces of vegetables are in her stools and stuck on her butt after she goes. Is it plastic? I love my dog. She was a rescue. To think I am making her sick. She eats out of my hand. I am switching Dog Food. I was up until 3:00 am reading posts. Thank you for letting me know. I kept looking for Recalls.
I am so sorry to hear about your dog. It could have been mine without your post. Thanks
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“Grain free diets have become all the rage in the last few years. I suspect this has stemmed from greater recognition of gluten sensitivity in humans. Most pet food companies have jumped on the band wagon following the marketing success of grain free human diets. The truth of the matter is that there are no dog or cat studies showing a health benefit to grain free foods. A myth has been perpetuated that grains are unhealthy. In fact, whole grains contribute vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and are highly digestible by dogs and cats. Allergies to grains are actually very rare, and only the Irish Setter breed has been demonstrated to have a gluten sensitivity. Many grain free diets substitute potatoes and tapioca, which have less protein, more sugar, and less fiber. And typically these come at a higher cost”. In our forums here, look for my stickie on potato free foods
Photo provided by FlickrAnd low carb kibbles are better than high carb kibbles for yeast though.
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Starches are complex carbohydrates that turn into sugar when metabolized in the body. Do you know what yeast loves to eat? Sugar! Starches are found not only in rice, corn and wheat, but in potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes – all of those ingredients found in grain-free goods. You see, there’s one really big problem with kibble: they can’t make it without starch. That starch is not only cheap to source, but it’s necessary to hold the kibble together. Without starch, your bag of grain-free dog food would be a bag of dust.Grain-free dog food has become synonymous with best dog food. What we found: Better ingredients overall matter most. We dug through the hype, talked with veterinarians, and analyzed food labels from the top dog food brands to find the what’s what on ingredients. Corn, wheat, and soy were obvious no-nos, as were added fillers like sugar and sauces. But we prioritized a high-quality meat source as the first ingredient and carbohydrates from nutrient-rich sources like veggies over grains.Precise Holistic Complete Grain-Free dog food uses garbanzo beans rather than grains. So, your dog gets the same fiber benefits but with less sugar content. If your dog is already suffering from a yeast breakout, the added omega fatty acids and fish oils will help calm irritated skin and .It doesn’t take much xylitol to cause problems in dogs. The equivalent of one or two pieces of sugar-free gum can be enough. Never give a food to a dog unless you are 100% sure that it does not contain xylitol. Dogs who may have gotten into xylitol should get to the veterinary clinic ASAP along with information regarding exactly what and how much they may have eaten.Dr. Harvey's Canine Health Veg-to-Bowl and Veg-To-Bowl Fine Ground are not kibble or standard bagged dog food. They are sugar-free, sodium free, pre-mixed combinations of nine vegetables and herbs. According to the instructions, simply add water to rehydrate the appropriate serving of vegetables, then add oil and protein in the proper amount for your dog's nutritional needs, and the food is ready to eat. Fine Ground, the granulated version of Veg-To-Bowl, is recommended by Dr. Harvey's for small dogs and seniors.I recently watched a video about how much sugar is in dog food. Even the kinds perscribed by vets. As mush as 60% of a bag can convert to suger. You can find this info on the bag. Where it lists crude protein 20% moisture % fat% etc. Add all those numbers and add 6% for the amount of ash that is usually not listed on the bag. Take your total and subtract it from 100. That is the %amount of sugar in that bag. Remember that rice, potatoes, peas etc all covert to sugar in the body.
Check out a brand called trudog. Their food is freeze dried. All meat. They even have a boost and a system to detox all the crap commercial dog foods put in their food out of your babies body.