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Definitely a smart idea! Plenty of dog lovers and outdoor people could use this SUV.
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Franklin police officers were summoned to 1215 Hillsboro Road at 8:45 p.m. Friday after a woman, who had stopped to help a dog hit by another driver was then hit by an SUV, herself.
The SUV then swerved toward the dog and clipped, and another passing car hit it again.
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If you take your pet for rides frequently in your SUV, this is a great bed to have for your car. It gives your dog a comfortable place to lie down so he's not moving around the vehicle, and it's ideal for protecting his joints from the bumps of the road. Nissan is rolling out the 'Rogue Dogue'- a play on the popular 'Rogue' SUV.
Photo provided by FlickrHowever, WPXI reports a dog believed to be from the SUV made it to Brunot Island in the middle of the river.
Photo provided by FlickrKUSA - The day after an SUV with three dogs inside was stolen from a Denver liquor store, all the pets have been reunited with their owner.
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Dog ramps for SUVs allow your dog to get into the back of your SUV, but are clumsy to use and difficult to store. WaterDog Adventure Gear has developed a set of free-standing dog steps that are perfect for vehicle boarding and a variety of other indoor/outdoor situations where your dog needs safe, pet-friendly accessibility. The 6-step design provides a vertical rise of 24″ from ground/floor to the top step. The 4″ deep, flat steps with integral toe plate and 4″ step height is suitable for dogs of various heights.Animals Matter Companion SUV Console Car Seat - Dog Beds, Dog Harnesses and Collars, Dog Clothes and Gifts for Dog Lovers | In The Company Of DogsSUV Crates are a great solution if you travel frequently, need to carry more than one dog, and have a vehicle with the space to fit. With the door on each end, they offer great flexibility in how your dog enters the crate, either from inside the vehicle, or from the tailgate end. The crates fold for storage, or transportation, and have a specially designed narrow width to fit side-by-side in the back of most SUVs and wagons.The Pet Gear Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Dog Ramp is an ideal pet accessory to help your dog or cat climb in and out of cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. It measures 71 inches in length, and the security straps help to keep the pet ramp stable when used in the trunk/rear loading area. Although dog ramps are often used to help senior or arthritic pets, they can also be used to help younger pets reduce the risk of developing arthritis.Our products are sturdy and stable, and with a minimal amount of training your pet will soon be able to enjoy climbing into your SUV without your assistance, making your time together more enjoyable for you as well. Try the WaterDog Adventure Gear dog steps as an alternative to dog ramps for SUVs to see how it can give you more WAG for you and your dog.These ramps and steps are primarily suited for getting into and out of pickup trucks, SUVs, and hatchbacks, if you’re looking to load your dog into a boat or just help them get into your bed there’s better options around.