Elevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 300 mm / 12" Tall

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Great for large breeds. It's obvious why elevated food bowls are good for dogs. Vets recommend these types of feeders for dogs such as Great Danes or Mastiffs because it elevates the food to their level, helping them to eat more comfortable. There’s a lot of strain on a dog the size of a Mastiff (which can grow up to 32 inches tall!) to bend to reach a bowl way down on the ground.
Elevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 400 mm / 16" Tall - Raised Dog Food and Water Bowls
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Elevated dog bowls can be very beneficial for large and giant dogs but they can also be expensive. If you are looking for a model that will meet your dog’s needs without breaking the bank, consider this Bergan Elevated Feeder with Bowls. This feeder features a sleek and simple plastic base with four legs and two removable stainless steel bowls. The stand comes in two different sizes for large and giant dogs. The large size measures 24 inches long and stands 13 inches tall with two 24-ounce bowls. The x-large size stands 15.5 inches tall, measures 28 inches long, and holds two 88-ounce bowls. . Elevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 300 mm / 12" Tall - Raised Dog Food and Water Bowls
Photo provided by FlickrElevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 300 mm / 12" Tall - Raised Dog Food and Water Bowls
Photo provided by FlickrSmall Elevated Pet Feeder! THE ONLY 100% Eco-Friendly, Pet Safe Natural Raised Dog Bowls Feeder in 4 sizes- Color: Dark Natural 7
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Extra Tall feeder for your extra tall Dog. Durable wrought Iron powder coated finish on a sturdy metal dog feeder. Features Color: Black No Skid Feet keep feeder in place & protect floors Frame is made in America 3 Quart Stainless Steel BowlsMost helpful dog owner's review (): “Very tall, does its job. So I saw other reviews saying the tape that holds the bowls in place for shipping leaves a sticky residue, thats true. With a little goo gone and a brillo pad it…”Just remember: if your aim is to reduce stress on your dog's spine or neck, you should use a raised dog food bowl that is tall enough to do this. However, I recommend to first read this article and do enough of your own research on using raised bowls, and here's why.If you love buying or simply want something monogrammed and/or totally unique,Etsy should be your first stop. A simple search for “dog bowl” yields over TK results, and you could easily spend an hour sifting through the pages of choices. Everything from elevated wooden feeders to ceramic bowls and everything in between. It was hard nearly impossible to pick just one, but if this is your thing we strongly suggest seeing what all the site has to offer and finding your own treasured handmade pick. Obsessed with what you find? Etsy is also a treasure trove of handmade leashes, collars, dog tags, food canisters, you name it! (Claylicious, $32)As I've just mentioned, dog bowls can be made from many different materials, and the price will depend on which material you choose. Less of a chance for canine bloat. Pet owners who use regular bowls are less likely to experience bowl-related risk of canine bloat of their pooch, which is a condition where the dog’s stomach fills up with gas and air. It's been anecdotally observed that dog elevated bowls are more likely to cause this condition, but more proof is required to draw a definite conclusion on this one.The Ethical Pet Hi-Rise Single Diner Pet Dish offers all of the features you want in an elevated dog bowl without any costly extras. This unit stands 15 inches tall and measures 10 inches around, topped with a single 64-ounce stainless steel bowl. The but incredibly durable and it is naturally bacteria resistant. Just remove the bowl from the stand and throw it into the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. Not only will you enjoy this elevated dog bowl’s simple design and easy-clean feature, but you will also love the low price – ! You will be hard pressed to find a large elevated dog bowl at a better price than that.