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That 30-day notice has passed and Tasty Dog's doors remain open for business.
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I fixed these root beer dogs lastnight and I thought they were wonderful. What a new way to have a tasty dog. Would be great little party treats too.
Ames got hooked on Sac’s Tasty Hot Dogs after stopping by the restaurant with a friend.
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The village, which owns Tasty Dog's home at 708 Lake St., persuaded a judge to evict the restaurant after the hot dog stand was accused of not paying its rent for seven months. $17 million to build .... or the equivalent of 17 Tasty Dogs, back in 2002..
Photo provided by FlickrEddie Ames is the owner of the Napa Sac's Tasty Hot Dogs in the River Park shopping center, which has been open about three months.
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We are different because of our commitment to provide the Best quality food with excellent customer service. When people think of a hot dog or sausage we want them to think of Tasty Dog and remember Family, Friends, Fun and Good times. We don’t just serve Ketchup, Mustard, Onions and Relish we have over 40 toppings. We want our customer to eat them the way they did growing up or experience them they way they eat them in other places. Our customers come from all over and we always ask what they put on them where they come from. Here is what a couple of customers have told us. In the Seattle area they eat their dogs and sausages with cream cheese, kraut and grilled onions. One of our customers from NAS Jacksonville who was here on the exchange program from Australia said they put BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon and fried onions on their dogs. We also have a Chicago Dog, Coney Island, Maxwell and New York Street dog to name a few. Our customers can also create their own by combining any or all of the toppings.The Bartons did not comment on the allegations that they failed to pay their rent, but thanked Tasty Dog's customers and employees, some of whom have worked at the hot dog stand for 29 years.According to Oak Park Chief Financial Officer Craig Lesner, Tasty Dog paid its $7,986 rent for January 2015 but hasn't paid since. Through Aug. 21, Tasty Dog's unpaid rent was $57,466.38, Lesner said.David King, president of Oak Park-based real estate broker David King and Associates, agreed that Tasty Dog's building most likely would have to be knocked down and rebuilt — or else the building would have to remain a restaurant.Following Tasty Dog's closure in September 2015, the village authorized the Oak Park Economic Development Corporation to seek proposals for the land at 708 Lake St.As owners of the building at 708 Lake St., the village serves as Tasty Dog's landlord. The village claims the hot dog stand hasn't paid its rent in seven months, and it took the business to court to evict them from the building.