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The large biscuits are popular treats for pups. Three Dog Bakery recently opened on the Loop.
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At Three Dog Bakery, our on-site chefs create our natural treats especially for dogs right here in America’s Heartland. We believe in pure ingredients so we select only the best quality, wholesome, natural ingredients to ensure dogs have balanced diets and wagging tails. The ingredients make the difference — using healthy ingredients means healthy, more energetic dogs. That’s why all Three Dog Bakery food and treats are:
Three Dog Bakery has crossed the pond to offer you a selection of dog pleasing, yummy, natural, oven baked dog treats.
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Three Dog Bakery makes their Oven Baked Biscuits Peanut Butter Dog Treats from scratch in small batches to create a handmade treat that’s worthy of your furry best friend. They’re slow-baked in the oven to seal in the natural peanut and molasses flavors, and they’re sure to become an instant hit with your deserving pup. These crispy bone-shaped biscuits are made with only premium all-natural ingredients with no added artificial preservatives, flavors, fillers or salt. Three Dog Bakery: Lubbock, TX: All Natural Dog Treats, Pet Accessories
Photo provided by FlickrThree Dog Bakery Des Moines located at 650 South 50th Street in West Des Moines
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Your pooch is a member of the family, so why shouldn’t they get the very best dog food? Three Dog Bakery has all-natural, wholesome options for your dogs to keep them healthy and happy. Our little bakery began when a member of our own furry family was in terrible health, refusing to eat any dog food we brought home or the vet prescribed options. Gracie wasn’t just a pet, she was family, so we took matters into our own hands. Through trial and error whipped up some nutritious homemade dog treats. Pretty soon, dogs all over Texas were craving these healthy treats, and Three Dog Bakery was born. Give your pets delicious premium food and treats from Three Dog Bakery to promote a happier, healthier companion!Treat your dog with a cake of his very own to enjoy alongside you! Three Dog Bakery makes custom, dog safe cakes with vegan sprinkles, peanut butter and carob chips to satisfy their sweet tooth and keep them healthy. Pick up a nutritious, sweet cake for your canine’s next birthday, or just because! You’ll make their day with one of our tasty treats made just for them. Call in an order or drop by Three Dog Bakery to browse our nutritious, hand crafted dog treats for your companion. We believe your dog deserve only the best. That’s why Three Dog Bakery uses only the best quality, wholesome ingredients to promote a balance diet. Healthier ingredients mean healthier and more energetic dogs, so our treats are made with that philosophy in mind. Our dog food and treats are made with fresh ingredients like spinach, carrots, blueberries and cranberries that are chock full of essential vitamins for your canine companion. We also use power protein sources like chicken, white fish and peanut butter. Every product you’ll find at Three Dog Bakery is guaranteed to be made of 100% natural ingredients, and all are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Make the healthier choice for your furry friend, stop by Three Dog Bakery today!Three Dog Bakery was born from a love of dogs – especially of one dog, Gracie, whose health issues and eating disorder prompted our founders to develop food and treats that would not only entice her to eat, but also benefit her health. Our mission: to fresh-bake, from scratch, the world’s best dog treats and give pet parents everywhere yummy, premium, natural dog food and treats they can feel good about sharing with their furry family members.At Three Dog Bakery St. Louis, we love two things…dogs and cats. And to offer our furry family members the best all natural food for a healthy lifestyle, we oven bake treats, pastries, and other special goodies daily. We only use premium all natural ingredients and then oven bake them to perfection. You won’t find artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners or sugary yogurt toppings here, only those ingredients that support your pet’s health.This furry family member refused to eat what her parents brought home – even the “fancy” stuff vets recommended. Gracie fell in love with Three Dog Bakery creations and since then we have been offering a complete line of Made in the USA premium natural treats for your dogs. From soft-baked grain free meaty treats and bagels, to our bone shaped biscuits and world famous flavor filled sandwich cremes, we’ve got your treat needs covered.