Ceramic Dog Water Bowl Toilet Design Shaped Puppy Pet Cat…

NEW Auto Refilling Ceramic Toilet Water Bowl For Dog / Cat Fits 2 Liter Bottle
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You can keep this dog toilet water bowl in the kitchen or in the bathroom. These dog toilet bowls are made of a glazed ceramic, these bowls measure in around 12 inches in width x 6-3/8 inches in diameter x 10-3/8 inches in height. They are the perfect height for small dogs and there are larger sizes for larger dogs. Now your doggy has a place to drink their water and it looks like a real toilet bowl.
Refilling Dog Toilet Water Bowl. Use with a liter plastic bottle. Too Funny! Collections etc.
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Sometimes people insert chemical packets into the tank of their toilets in order to dispense cleaning liquid into the bowl with each flush. You’ve most likely seen these products, many of them can be detected by the blue or green water in the bowl. Your dog may not care one bit, in fact he may even decide he likes it. I would recommend to all dog owners not to use these products. Even if you think your dog never drinks out of the toilet bowl, he may do it on occasion unbeknownst to you, or he may pick up the habit at a later date. Ceramic Dog Water Bowl Toilet Design Shaped Puppy Pet Cat Feeder Watering Dish
Photo provided by FlickrRefilling Dog Toilet Water Bowl. Use with a liter plastic bottle. Too Funny! Collections etc.
Photo provided by FlickrDogs will drink from toilet bowls and puddles if their water bowl is dirty or empty.
Photo provided by Flickr
Here’s a water dish that is all too familiar to our four-legged friends. It looks just like the toilet that your dog is accustomed to drinking from, only this is a much healthier and more sanitary way for them to get a drink. Just attach a 2-Liter water bottle to the back of the Dog Toilet Bowl and let gravity pull fresh water into the 6-Ounce bowl as needed. Then, enjoy watching your dog (or cat) having fully automatic drink of clean, healthy “toilet” water! The toilet bowl water is actually often more sanitary than their regular bowl of water. The toilet bowl water is continuously replenished and often a fresh, cold water source. Your dog prefers cold water, just as we do, to normal room temperature water which would be found in their water bowl.If your dog is thirsty and the toilet bowl is available, he will enjoy a drink from the toilet. Even if there is a bowl of water in another room, he still prefers the toilet bowl water.We know lots of dogs love to drink from the toilet bowl anyway; why not give them what they want AND keep them out of the toilet!? Takes a 2-liter bottle and gravity feeds water into the dog bowl.Second, toilet bowl water is always cool and actually sanitary, provided that the bowl is clean. Fresh, cold toilet water is preferred to room temperature water. Also, the water we serve them, which may lie around for hours, sometimes has bits of food that collect in stagnant water. Add to this the fact that water which sits in a bowl of metal or plastic can taste like that material, and you could very well have a dog that will fall in love with toilet water.Pet Water Bowl Toilet 2 Liter Dish Feeder Automatic Dispenser Fountain Dog Cat Adorable and hilarious pet water dish for pets, holds any 2 liter soda bottle and magically with gravity keeps the water dish full. The Toilet Water Dish for Pets. Looks like a toilet.