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The Top Paw Double Door Dog Crate makes doggy transportation so much easier! With a nifty double-door design for front and side entrances and exits and a durable metal design, this crate for dogs not only keeps your buddy safe during travel but also folds up for convenient storage.
A folding, double-door wire dog crate by “Top Paw.” This intermediate size crate included a bottom plastic liner.
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Keep your buddy nice and hydrated with the Top Paw Dog Water Bottle! With an easy spring wire holder and mechanism for proper doling out of this precious liquid, this water bottle for dogs is a nice addition to your dog’s crate life! Top Paw ™ Dog Water Bottle - PetSmart Great for those we crate! Make sure they have access to fresh water at all times.
Photo provided by FlickrLike New Top Paw Double Door Dog Crate/kennel with divider panel and folds up suitcase styleLARGE CRATE 42
Photo provided by FlickrMake pet travel easier for you and your dog with the Top Paw Double Door Dog Crate
Photo provided by Flickr