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Hill's Science Diet puppy foods are precisely balanced nutrition for a puppy's special needs, with high-quality ingredients that provide an ideal combination of nutrients, clinically proven antioxidants and vital fatty acids for better health. Hill's Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Puppy Food, designed especially for small and toy breed puppies, provides appropriate levels of calcium and protein to promote healthy bones, muscles, and teeth. It also contains natural DHA from premium fish oil, a nutrient vital to promote brain development and highly digestible carbohydrates and proteins to ensure optimal nutrient absorption. Ideal for: Yorkshire terriers, dachshunds, miniature and toy poodles, shih tzus, miniature schnauzers, Chihuahuas, Boston terriers, Maltese, Pomeranians, pugs, miniature pinschers, Papillons, small and toy breed terriers, French bulldogs, corgis, cocker spaniels, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, English toy spaniels and Brussels griffons.
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Hill's® Adult Perfect Weight dry dog food provides breakthrough nutrition formulated to help your small & toy breed dog achieve a healthy weight and improve quality of life. Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed Adult Dog Food, 15 lbs.
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Photo provided by FlickrHill's Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Adult Dog Food
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Toy breeds have higher energy needs and don’t have the same metabolic rate, bite size, or daily caloric intake as bigger dogs. Wellness Toy Breed dog food features a small kibble size for tiny mouths and a crunchy texture to target plaque build-up and maintain oral health. Wellness Toy Breed recipes offer the right balance of protein, fat and calories to provide the energy your little one needs. Omega Fatty Acids are included to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. These little guys and gals have some special nutritional requirements, and it pays to know which ingredients—and which types of food—will help them stay healthiest. And that’s why we consulted with a few of our favorite dog experts and tested a bunch of different dog foods to figure out what exactly toy breeds need from a great dog food. So we’ll go over that stuff, and at the end, we’ll give you five good recommendations for specific foods. Sound cool? Good! Let’s get started. There’s nothing like a tiny, cute little dog curly up on your lap (or, if you have a dog like ours, your shoulder). So it makes sense that you’d want to keep your little furball as healthy as possible for as long as possible, which means you probably want to find a great food. And that’s important because the best food for toy breeds isn’t necessarily the same as the best dog foods overall. However, toy breeds tend to live so long that we recommend dog foods that promote bone and joint health, since that’s often the first thing to go in a dog’s old age. Don’t get me wrong here: there are tons and tons of absolutely fantastic wet dog foods. We generally recommend dry kibble for one reason: toy breeds are prone to dental problems.The best dog food for toy breeds isn’t necessarily the same as the best dog food for large breeds, as small dogs have special needs and requirements when it comes to their day to day diet, and you can’t just go ahead and feed them some of the food that’s been working for your other, larger sized dog just because you think it will work just as fine with your small dog.