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Sep 17, 2016 - The Toy breeds are some of the most popular dogs around the world
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Manchester Terriers are sleek, short-coated dogs with a black and mahogany coat. Compact and muscular, they are bred to kill vermin and small game. In addition to the Toy Manchester Terrier, the breed has a standard-sized dog.
Toy breed dogs like the Papillon featured in this picture were bred primarily to be companions but also can make excellent watchdogs as well
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The toy spaniels of centuries past were slightly different from what we know today. They had a pointed muzzle, but crosses to such breeds as the Japanese Chin and Pug in the 18th and 19th centuries eventually resulted in dogs with the short muzzle and round apple head that are found in the breed today. Most everyone is familiar with Toy dogs and there are many favorites. Some of the popular toy dogs breeds include:
Photo provided by FlickrOne of the most popular of all small toy dogs is the Chihuahua shown here with long hair. There is also the short hair breed as well.
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The Bolognese is a small breed of dog of the Bichon type, originating in Italy. The name refers to the central Italian city of Bologna. It is part of the Toy dog group and is considered a companion dog. They love attention, and make good house pets. They are good at socializing with other dogs, big and small.I've heard a lot of people say that toy breeds are all dainty, prissy little dogs that yap and bark loud all the time. Many of my friends also said are and how difficult they are to train. Some future dog owners assume that all toy dog breeds need to be pampered, and they do whatever they want, whenever they want.ou have decided that a small dog is the best pet for you or your family situation. Are you afraid that you'll get a “yapper”? It's true that some of them love barking, but among these 20 best toy dog breeds, just a few are known as such and I'll point those out.Pros – Brussels Griffon are a , which instantly makes them a great choice for most looking for the best toy dogs. Moreover, it gets along well with kids and other dogs, and is perfect for families. They are a clever, happy breed.Pros – Maltese are one of the most popular best toy dog breeds and they are also great watch dogs. They are known to be gentle and attentive, making them a perfect choice for the person who wants to treat their dog like a child. The Maltese does not need a lot of exercise outdoors, making them an ideal .A is a very small dog kept as a pet, as compared to a very small working dog, although both pet and working dogs can be very small. Small dogs are . You can find a small dog breed that is right for you no matter your lifestyle. They may be small in size but can be bold and make good watchdogs. You need to decide if you want a puppy who is adorable but will take a lot of time and attention or an older dog who is housebroken and obedience trained. The Toy Group includes most of the very small and miniature lap dogs and apartment-sized companion dog breeds. There are many small and toy breeds that make excellent pets for small homes. Toys are popular companion dogs for people living in cities and adapt well to apartment life.