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The following is a list of the 10 most unique dog crates in the market today:
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Unique dog crate that is also a small table. Made of dark brown wood can function as a classy table but also as your pets' residence. It has also black grids that play along with the wood colour. Perfect solution for dog owners that love nice piece of furniture.
MyLove2Create: Repurposed Crib into Dog Crate or any kind of storage unit with an added shelf.
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Maricela Sanchez Art’s unique, intricately patterned, luxury dog crates, are an answer to bulky mass-market options, and provide a safe haven for the tiniest teacup poodle to the most massive mastiff. Made of softly textured, durable, marine grade polymer, each custom piece is made to your order. Order your fancy dog crate today! Luxury Pet Crates, Contemporary Dog Lofts. Unique, Art CollectionMaricela Sanchez Fine Art
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Photo provided by FlickrCrate Cooling System - this unique system works as a climate control system for dog boxes and
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Everyone likes some degree of comfort. The same is with your dogs, which can now have their own unique crate. And you can have a nice-looking and functional piece of furniture. All you need to do is take this rare opportunity and choose from this variety of dog crate models. This unique interior stylization includes cabinets with special dog crates in lower areas. These crates include soft mattresses and standard doors with metal handles. Wooden construction of these crates is durable and finished in white color.A beautiful twin set of unique dog crates, crafted of sturdy wood and covered in natural finish. Each dog house has an arched entrance, and is integrated with a bookcase that offers 4 wooden shelves for storing your literary work.This dog house is far from ordinary. It makes your interior go... medieval. A castle for a dog? Why not! Surprise your guests - and please your dog or cat - with this unique fantasy themed custom dog crate.High daybed, bench or loveseat can be combined with a unique modern dog crate. Use space wisely! Such a dog kennel becomes an integral part of an interior, which appears in result as well-planned and making use of space.This practical side table with built-in dog crate base is a useful piece of furniture that is perfect for stylish decor. Beautiful wood design with contrasting countertop and many drawers make the whole unit very functional.This article is intended to make your buying experience easier as it lists the 10 most unique dog crates for your dog. The choice is dependent on the specific specs you have in crates unique, dog crates unlimited, dog crates usa, dog crates used, dog crates ute, dog crates van, dog crates vancouver, dog crates vancouver bc, dog crates vari kennel, dog crates vebo, dog crates vernon bc, dog crates victoria, dog crates victoria bc, dog crates virginia beach, dog crates vw t5,