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Rather than give your dog antibiotics, which may cause side effects, some dog owners prefer to follow a more natural approach to treat urinary tract infection.Whether your dog's infection is caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, or crystals, there are many natural remedies you can try if you wish to avoid antibiotics. Only do this if you know what you are doing and seek advice from a Naturopathic Vet on the best treatment for dog.
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An overwhelming response suggests Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a treatment for urinary tract and bladder infections. Here are some excerpts on the treatment with ACV for their dogs infections.Apple cider vinegar is a rich source of enzymes, potassium and other useful minerals that said to prevent the bacteria that causes the infection from growing.If you add apple cider vinegar to your dog's diet, only use a raw, natural unfiltered variety. These still contain the beneficial qualities required to improve health. A dog urinary tract infection, or UTI, is not a fun experience- for you or your dog
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Urinary tract infections are painful for your dog. Catching a UTI early is imperative for the dog’s comfort as well as to obtain proper treatment. If caught early, several natural remedies can be used to treat your dog before rushing off to the veterinarian for potentially unnecessary antibiotics.Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are rather common in dogs and are just as uncomfortable for dogs as they are for us. Female dogs are more prone to this disease. This page looks at the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and how natural alternative remedies such as herbs, homeopathy, and natural supplements can be effective treatments for dog UTIs.Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) may occur in dogs, and it can be very painful for them. Antibiotics and regular medical treatments can be very expensive. This is why if the condition is not that severe, natural and home remedies may be given to your dog instead, and can be just as effective as medical treatments.If my Rottweiler mix eats birdseed, he inevitably will get a urinary tract infection. One Sunday, when the vet was closed we decided to try cranberry and cantharis and it was amazing! Worked even faster then the antibiotics prescribed by the vet. Firstly, if your dog likes the taste of cranberry jiuce, as mine does, give several 'doses' of unsweetened cranberry juice along with remedy. If not I am sure it will be effective in just pill form. Cantharis is available in most natural food stores as little blue pills. We gave our 110# dog 5 cantharis pills 3 times a day along with 2 cranberry pills. Cranberry pills come in different strengths so I would follow the directions on the bottle, but I think generally 1 pill for dogs under 75# and 2 pills for dogs over 75# should work. For cantheris, I would use a 1 pill per 20# ratio. We continued this treatment for one week after the first sign of blood in the urine and he had no issues. In fact, after the first dose and drink of juice, he was able to urinate within an hour and had a clear urine within about 3 hours. If your dog does not like cranberry juice, it is still important to encourage lots of fluid with this remedy, as the kidneys will need to be well hydrated for the acidity of the cranberry to flush the urinary tract.