Top 5: Best Natural Dog Food That's USDA Certified & Healthy

What Does USDA Inspected Mean for Dog Food
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We launched Tender & True™ in October of 2014 to provide pet parents with a super-premium pet food that contains only the type of quality ingredients that we feel comfortable feeding our own pets. Tender & True™ is currently available at Natural Grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Pet Specialty Stores and available to order online at . We strive to provide the highest quality pet food products governed by the same high standards you prefer for the foods you eat. We know you seek the USDA Organic certification seal on the foods you eat. We want you to have that same option for your dog or cat!
Nothing but USDA meats and healthy produce is contained in Nusentia® Raw & Grain Free dog food. Real food for a real healthy dog.
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The grain-free chicken and potato recipe by Organix contains all-organic ingredients. These include peas, potatoes, lentils, and of course, chicken – the main ingredient for its 32% protein content. This product is guaranteed free from synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, antibiotics or added growth hormones. As one of the most healthy dog food brands, the USDA has certified this product as organic. Dog and cat food packaging may display the official USDA organic seal using the following guidelines:
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Consumer complaints continue as the FDA digs deeper into operations at Evanger’s pet food after discovering evidence that none of the company’s meat suppliers are registered with USDA. Evanger’s owners blamed their suppliers and the FDA in the wake of findings that their dog food contains a barbiturate used to euthanize animals.When asked to comment on the apparent discrepancy between Evanger’s independent DNA test result and the results reported by FSIS, a spokesperson for USDA-FSIS said the government did find trace amounts of pig and horse in the dog food.If you’re feeding commercially produced dog food – whether kibble or canned, or in some cases, even raw – it’s very hard to know what kind of meat is in it, unless the manufacturer chooses to disclose this information. Read the company’s website to find out how their ingredients are sourced, or call them to ask if all their meat ingredients are USDA approved.The Trump administration has GUTTED the USDA’s pet food regulations. Pet food companies will have FAR LESS OVERSIGHT of how they manufacture their products. Poison in the food? No problem. Salmonella or other bugs? Put the food on the shelf – WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Not even the Dog Food Advisor will have access to information on what is in the pet foods we buy – because the public information DOES NOT EXIST. Welcome to the brave new world where profit over safety rules the pet food business. May be time to cook our own food for our beloved pets.Being USDA Certified Organic, vegetarian, and free of byproducts, chemicals, fillers, wheat, corn, and soy are just some of the reasons that Pet Guard is one of the best organic dog food brands.roper canine nutrition is the number one factor in your dog's overall health and well-being. The most important product that you will ever select for your dog is the food that you feed him. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly, and that's why we've decided to do the research to find the best natural dog food options that are USDA certified.