Steven taking Buddy for a run with the Walky Dog Bike Leash.

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"I wanted to take a moment to write a review of the walkydog plus that I ordered and give my impressions. First off, I received the product virtually before I ordered it. Total shipping was 2 days, and that was standard shipping. This in itself is unbelievable as I am still waiting on an amazon prime "2 day shipping" that is over a week late. Second the product was very smartly packaged. It was a simple but sturdy white box, but that is part of the point. It was just enough to cover the product without any waste and I appreciate this. As for the product itself it was similarly packaged in a minimalist form, though it did include all tools needed. From researching the product I anticipated this but I was still impressed with a company that would include all required tools. The function itself is remarkable and beyond impressive. I had been comparing this product to another well known spring based system of twice the price and I must say that this is a much more useful product. First off it does the same basic job of controlling a dog while on bike. This was throughly put to the test as we encountered several squirrels on our maiden voyage and no injuries were sustained by any parties. I must say that I was very surprised at the ease of controlling a large lab darting for a squirrel. I felt it, but at no point did I fear I was in any danger of falling or losing my dog. I believe I was very lucky in that my dog took to the product nearly instantly and we were up and running, and I do mean running, in less than 5 mins. I had intended to make a simple trek to the end of the block but our jaunt turned into a 5 mile journey without a hitch. There was of course the initial hiccups of pulling, and not stopping together but as the miles piled on we became a more and more synchronous unit.
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"It's finally beautiful outside here in New England. I tuned up my old 5-speed bike today and installed the Walky-Dog I bought from you recently, and put the padded-chest harness on our rescue pittie, Yogi. I have desperately needed a way to get him enough exercise, as I don't have room in our house for a treadmill, and he is very energetic. Dog Biking Tips & Safety Info - A view from Parker's perspective using the WalkyDog bike leash
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A quick video demonstrating how easy it is to connect your WalkyDog bike leash to your bike straight out of the box. The WalkyDog dog bike leash lets you safely take your dog with you on bike rides. Now you can bring your best buddy along for the ride and maintain complete control. A bicycle dog leash is a great way to exercise your dog and release energy - especially for active dogs. The WalkyDog features a patented internal spring system that acts like suspension when your dog pulls. It puts you in control - not the dog.Why would someone want to spend so much more for the Bike Tow Leash? Apparently, a Florida engineer took six years to design it and now painstakingly makes each one by hand, whereas the WalkyDog is made overseas in bulk. Scott Daughtry, owner of and seller of both products, says the Bike Tow Leash is particularly good for large animals. “I have even biked a 170 lb Great Dane with this leash and felt in complete control,” he says, adding that dog owners should start out with short rides to build up their dog’s stamina and monitor paw pads, which can be worn down quickly. To guard against that, he suggests ($13.95), a wax that puts a barrier between your dog’s paws and the road.These products aren’t for smaller dogs. For one thing, little ones usually don’t have the stamina to go long distances. Second, dogs that are more than 25 lbs. stand taller so they connect at a better level with the bike leashes. The ($39.95) comes out over the top of the dog's back, so pulling pressure is at the center of the neck. For that reason, some users prefer to use a harness with the WalkyDog, rather than a collar. The ($146) comes off the bike at a lower point and pulls more from the side of the dog’s neck where muscles are stronger, so many bikers choose to outfit their dogs with collars.Can I bike 2 dogs at once? Can I use 2 Walky Dogs on 1 bike? I have never tried this myself, but we have quite a few customers that use 2 WalkyDogs mounted one on top of the other under the seat to do this. You need about 3 inches of space under the seat to set 2 WalkyDog clamps. My suggestion is to obviously use more caution if attempting this and to make sure the dogs are of similar size and ability. You would never want a situation where one dog is pushing the other dog beyond his/her limits. Also, it would be best to get each dog used to biking alone first.