K&H Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer™ - Dog & Cat Bed Heater

Heated indoor/outdoor orthopedic dog bed keeps pet warm as the weather cools down
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PROS: Most people agree that this heated dog bed is great for its extra-warm surface and ease of cleaning thanks to the added fleece liner.
It’s an excellent, low maintenance bed that will keep your little dog nice and warm; we highly recommend it!
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Heated orthopedic dog beds are popular choices for pet owners looking for a dog bed that will provide both orthopedic comfort and extra warmth for their dogs. A heated orthopedic dog bed can come in many different forms, ranging from actual dog beds to couch cover versions, so you have many different options to choose from that fit you and your pet’s lifestyles. To make the search for the best heated orthopedic dog bed a little easier for you, we went on a search to find the ideal option for you and your dog, looking at several different types, sizes and styles of orthopedic dog beds in a range of prices, so you can find the best one for your dog. New design multifunctional warm dog bed with extra dog mat, offering your pet dog a comfortable place to rest.
Photo provided by FlickrWhat better way to keep your furry friend warm in the cold winter months than with a heated dog bed?
Photo provided by FlickrExplore the heated dog bed and dog heating pads options available at Petco and keep your pup warm whenever the temperature takes a sharp dip.
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The Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper is an orthopedic dog bed with bolster, and is what’s commonly known as a bagel-dog bed, obviously because it’s shaped like bagel to create a round area for your dog to sleep in. This heated orthopedic dog bed is made of a five-inch thick cushion to keep your pet comfortable and warm, so even with long-term use, you can be ensured the sleeper will stay nice and plush. The cushion and cover are removable so you can easily clean the material when it gets dirty, which is a great option for any high quality dog beds out on the market. This is one of the best orthopedic dog beds for small dogs and cats because of the sturdy, long-lasting cushion and the thermostatically-controlled heated pillow insert to keep your pets warm during cold months. The company guarantees the Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper with a one-year limited warranty, so you know you’ll have a good product on your hands. The sleeper comes in two sizes and two different colors, so you can purchase for the size of your pet. This dog bed was recently named Dog Fancy Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Winner, and has received a lot of positive reviews from users with small dogs and cats. This is a great choice for those with a small dog who need an orthopedic bed for dog.Do you live in a cold area? Or maybe you just want to make sure that you always have the option of keeping your canine warm when he sleeps? You may want to look into buying a heated bed for your dog, or possibly a self-heating option. Whatever the size of your pet, or your budget, there’ll be something out there to meet your needs and keep them comfortable and cozy even in chilly environments.The Ortho Thermo-Bed comes in three different sizes – medium, large, and extra-large – that make it a great choice for those looking for orthopedic dog beds for large dogs. This ortho dog bed normalizes your pet’s body temperature based on an internal thermostat to help warm up dogs on cold months. The warmer inside the dog bed can be removed so you can use the bed year-round, whether warm or cold, and the cover is removable as well for keeping the bed clean and washed throughout the year. The great thing about this heated orthopedic dog bed is the non-slip fabric on the bottom of the dog bed that allows it to stay stable in the area you put it, no matter how much your dog rolls around in it. As is common with other premium dog beds, this thermo-bed comes with a one-year limited warranty so you can purchase without any concerns. A great tip to find the ideal size of orthopedic foam dog beds for your dog is to measure your dog’s body length while they are lying down, from their tail to their nose and add six inches to that number. That size will be the best width for a dog bed for your dog. At sizes up to 33 inches by 43 inches and two layers of orthopedic foam, this ortho dog bed is best for those with large dogs who need an ample amount of space to move around in.The most immediate advantage is that they’re great for particularly young or small dogs. If your puppy is prone to getting cold, a heated dog bed may be just the thing you’re looking for. They’re particularly useful when you have a canine that has both short hair and a small size, and your puppy will be to keep warm while he’s sleeping without having to be stacked with blankets.