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Here are the list for Top 5 Best water dispenser for dogs that you can purchase on Amazon.
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At the same time get a clicker and clicker train him to a target. Put the target in the room, no other dogs around and when he looks at the target, click and treat. Work it till he is touching the target with his nose and then coming for a treat over and over. Then do the same thing with the water dispenser in the room, still empty. Move the target and dispenser closer together inch by inch till the target is under the dispenser (bit by bit of course) and he's going to that back and forth. Then move the dispenser to where it'll eventually 'live'. Then put water in the bottom but not the bottle. Should work...
As a main source of water, this type of dispenser is more suited to smaller dogs and puppies.
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Basically, my boyfriend's parents bought a water dispenser for their two dogs as they drink a lot of water and it stops them having to refill it several times a day. This is what they have bought: A review of the Gulpy pet water dispenser. A portable water bowl for dogs.
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Photo provided by FlickrAbout: The  is an automatic dog waterer that dispenses water into your dog’s bowl as he drinks.
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The answer is that it mainly depends on the size and number of the dogs you have because water capacity is an important factor. There is no point having a dispenser to provide your dogs with fresh water all day long if it cannot hold enough water to supply this.Linka Pet Food Bowl & Automatic Water Dispenser Review
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Pet Supplies for Dogs Water Bowl,Material : Resin and Stainless Steel
Dog Bowls,Cat Bowl,Usage: Feeding & Watering Supplies
Pet Water Bowl,Clean practical elegant
Pet Food Bowl,Color: Blue Pink
Pet Bowl for Dogs,Brand New and High Quality.

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Demo-ing the Water Dispenser for Cats and Dogs from Petmate for Vacation or Automatic Feeding This is usually for Vacations, filling this with water to demo the dispenser and filtration.

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Replendish, ReplenishI hope that I have managed to convince you of the health benefits for your dog(s) of using a water dispenser of a type suitable for the size, number of dogs and whether indoors, outdoors or on the go.Here's an easy-to-make large self filling water tray using a water dispenser bottle that will keep your pet hydrated for days. Make this automatic dog watering bowl that holds 19 litres (that's 5 gallons US!) using an empty water dispenser bottle. This watering station can be used for multiple cats, dogs, and pets. This creates a long term constant water supply for your animals and pets due to the large volume of water the water dispenser bottle holds. Your pets will never go thirsty again. Keeps the water in the tray at a constant level. Fills the tray with additional water automatically when needed. No batteries or pumps or wiring. Easy to make, easy to fill and simple operation. Just fill the bottle, place it in the tote tray, and remove the cap, it's that simple. Your pets will love you!




I’ve tried pouring water from a plastic bottle into my thirsty dog’s mouth. And it seems that only a few ounces actually make it while the rest of the water ends up mixed in a pool of saliva on the ground. The Gulpy Water Dispenser solves this problem with an easy way to carry and dispense water for your dog. All you have to do is flip it open and squeeze the bottle to fill the tray. Your dog gets a quick drink of water and you’ve still got plenty left for the day since no water went to waste. Clip it to your belt or book bag and enjoy the rest of your day outside with your dog.