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Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls to Gain Weight and Lean Muscle (2017)
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This will do two things: first, it will up the calorie count of that food, giving him the ability to gain weight; second, it will probably make the food you are feeding him a little more enticing. If your dog is underweight because he simply is not interested in eating, putting some animal fat on his kibble could help to rectify this problem.
If there are no underlying health issues fresh dog appropriate foods and/or canned foods can help with weight gain.
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NutriSource® Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula provides super premium nutrition in a scientifically formulated easy-to-digest food designed for maintenance of less active adult dogs that may tend to gain weight and also for overweight dogs. Chicken is the #1 ingredient in NutriSource® Weight Management Dog Food. Chicken is a source of high quality protein and has a rich, wholesome taste dogs love. on dog food for weight gain
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Dogs metabolize and process food in different ways than humans, but the concept can be quite similar. For example, people who eat less than a few hours before bed are more likely to gain weight. Our doctors encourage us to not eat before bed, as our body will store the nutrients as fat. Using this logic in reverse, you can actually help your dog gain some necessary pounds.The same method can be used for dogs needing to gain weight. Using a higher protein and fat food will help your dog gain weight over a period of time. This method is used to aid your dog in weight gaining gradually. With higher protein and fat food, you will start to notice an increase in your dog’s weight within a few weeks.Another weight gaining method is to feed small meals frequently. By splitting your dog’s daily does of food over three or four meals, you will be providing him with nutrients all throughout the day. This new schedule should help your dog gain weight.Honest Kitchen is an all natural, dehydrated formula, that is not only healthy, but very tasty for pups. Their meat free vegetable base is a perfect alternative to “extra food” for parents who want to avoid feeding extra meat proteins, but also want to help their dog gain weight. These formulas are gluten, grain, and corn free, and 100% human grade.Pumpkin and sweet potato are excellent weight gaining secrets! If you are looking to help your dog gain weight, but don’t want to add more meat protein to his diet, try adding pumpkin or sweet potato to his food. This boost in fat and fibre is sure to help him put on a few pounds, and the nutrients will prevent him from having an upset stomach. You can purchase canned pumpkin or sweet potato, as well as dehydrated from your local pet store or grocer. We prefer canned!All natural peanut butter is not only healthier than many dog treats, but will help your dog gain weight quickly! When giving your dog peanut butter, try to also give them a healthy treat, like a piece of vegetable with the peanut butter. Carrots are a low acidity, low sugar treat that will reduce the risk of stomach upset. Avoid feeding high acidity foods like fruit with peanut butter, as this can cause stomach issues.