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How to Build a Whelping Box for Small Dogs
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A pregnant dog should have a whelping box, which is a secure place where she can birth her puppies. A whelping box helps the mother stay calm and it also keeps the puppies from getting lost or scattered. While large dogs need sturdy whelping boxes made of wood, smaller dogs can use sturdy cardboard boxes that can be easily discarded after the puppies are grown. Prepare your dog's whelping box two weeks before the due date to allow your dog to get used to it. She will enter it of her own accord and begin to birth the puppies.
How to Build a Whelping Box for Small Dogs | Dogs, Boxes and Easy diy
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A: We do not want a hard floor on the box, thus the design. We want the bottom to be as cushioned as possible. A soft bottom means that Mom can accidentally step or lay on the puppies with less chance of serious damage, while the same accident with a hard floor or box bottom may mean a broken leg. And a broken leg means a trip to the vet every two or three days for weeks. We know that from experience! Getting rid of the hard floor was why we got rid of our previous whelping box and designed and built the new one. If you have small dogs, then a hard floor may be less of a problem.

a whelping box for small dogs or a whelping box for large dogs as shown here.
Photo provided by FlickrHow to Build a Whelping Box for Small Dogs.
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So if you are looking for whelping box ideas for your dog, you are at the right place ultimately. The most interesting thing is that whelping box is easier to create for than the large dogs. If your dog is small or large no matter you can easily think of making out a whelping box for your dog to provide a private place for them. Each and every creature in this world needs their own private place and when we bring a pet dog in our home it is our responsibility to provide them with all their necessities. Dogs love their family but also needs their own place at the end of the day. Here from the idea of whelping box came out. Cheap whelping boxes are easier to create for small dogs than for large ones. If your dog is about to have puppies and you aren't prepared, don't worry. There are quick and easy boxes that won't break the budget. Shih Tzus are sweet and playful dogs who are small but can have big attitudes. Their personalities and portable size makes the little dogs popular, and many people become lifelong fans. If you decide to breed your Shih Tzu, make sure you're prepared. One of the key supplies is a whelping box for the mother to use for nursing the puppies after they are born. If you decide that constructing a whelping box is a do-it-yourself project that you would rather not tackle, there are alternatives. You can purchase a pre-made whelping box or adapt another type of product for this purpose. For example, the bottom portion of a dog crate may be used as a whelping box for medium or small dog breeds. For large dogs, some people use shallow plastic wading pools. Measure and cut the wood into required lengths. The plywood should initially be cut in half so there are two pieces that measure four by four foot square. Set one aside for the bottom of the whelping box. The other half should be cut into four pieces that measure one by four feet each. These will be the sides of the box. It is important to have sides low enough for the mother to be able to get out when needed but high enough for the puppies to remain inside. For small breed dogs, you may opt for lower sides by cutting the pieces in half again so they measure six inches by four feet each. Discard the extra pieces or reserve them for another project. One piece of lumber should be cut in half so each piece measures four feet in length. Cut two lengths from the other piece of lumber that measure three feet, eight inches in length and discard the small leftover piece. These four pieces will form a square for the plywood bottom to rest upon. Whelping boxes come in different sizes to suit different sizes of dogs. Your mother dog should be able to lie down comfortably inside the whelping box, and she should be able to stretch out in order to nurse her puppies. The box should be small enough in size to keep your dog's puppies close together and close to their mother. Newborn puppies need the warm and security of snuggling with each other and their mother.