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Yummy Yams Sweet Potato Dog treats are a great everyday, low-calorie treat perfect for any size dog
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Sam's Yams Daily's are natural dog treats made with premium herbal ingredients. We DO NOT include any of the more common allergens that affect our canine companions. The two primary ingredients are sweet potato and applesauce – two flavors dogs love. This combination not only helps “carry” the flavor of healthful but somewhat bitter herbs, but it provides a great foundation for other flavorful, complementary foods such as seeds or fruit and culinary greens such as parsley, mint and thyme.
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If you are looking for a dog treat that is tasty but low in calories, these candied yam dog treats might be just what you’ve been looking for. All you have to do is slice up some yams and soak them for a few hours then bake them until tender. Feel free to try this recipe out with other root vegetables like carrots or turnips. Sam's Yams Daily's are natural dog treats made with premium herbal ingredients
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Tired of all the dog treat recalls? Time to start making homemade dog treats! Don’t worry, these are SUPER easy and there is just one ingredient – Sweet Potatoes (or yams). But, you will want to plan on being home for a few hours. You have your bag of chips and now your dog does too with Yam Jams! Sweet Potato and Liver Dog Treats!Why We Love It:Give your sweetie an all natural sweet potato treat with Yam Jams! They are 100% all natural dehydrated sweet potato chips with a hint of hemp oil (dubbed “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil”) and a dashing of our signature beef liver. Yam Jams! have all the nutritional benefits (beta-carotene, vitamin A, B vitamins, manganese, fatty acids, etc.) for the making of the perfect chip… Now if only they made a human chip as healthy!Ingredients: Dehydrated sweet potatoes, beef liver dust, hemp seed oil.Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein, minimum; 11.29%, Crude fat, minimum: 14.19%, Crude fiber, maximum; 3.47% Moisture, maximum; 8.84% Thank you for visiting us at Front Porch Pets. We are dedicated to providing your dog with an excellent alternative to commercial dog chews and treats. All of our sweet potato dog treats and chews are made from USA grown orange fleshed, sweet potato (though sometimes you may find them labeled as "yams" at the grocery store.) These chews and treats are highly nutritious and excellent for your dog's teeth and health.All you need is five minutes prep time and a single raw yam or sweet potato. Pure, easy, and unadulterated, dog treats don’t get any healthier, easier or less expensive than this.Sam’s Yams™ outsells some other holistic dog chews in a number of pet stores and is well poised to fill the void for disgruntled independent pet store owners. Many have told us that they no longer carry artificially formed treats because they feel it is unsafe and that many dogs have allergies to wheat gluten. They are looking for a healthy alternative. We feel strongly that Sam’s Yams™ might just be the next Big Thing to hit the pet market.I’m not sure what her issue was because I tried giving some to a friend’s Malinois and he scarfed them up fast! I do have a go-to recipe for baked candied yam dog treats, but they take hours to make and you’re right, they are easy to burn. I’ll have to try these again soon.