Last Week of Contest Prep

I won’t be logging my workout for my 28th and final week of contest prep, so instead i’ll just briefly lay out my plan for workouts.

This morning (Saturday…one week out) I did 30 minutes cardio first thing in the morning, then I trained Shoulders & Arms for an hour and did a 25 minutes posing session afterwards. Tomorrow (Sunday) is a non-training day…just 30 minutes of cardio in the morning. I don’t log my cardio on my blog, but i’ve been consistently doing 30 minutes every day. Weight has been holding nicely around 197-198 lbs.

The Week ahead:

Monday: morning cardio… afternoon workout>Legs…obviously not going to crush them, i’ll go about 75% and throw some hill sprints in at the end

Tuesday: morning cardio… afternoon workout>Back, Traps, Rear Delts (typical tuesday workout)

Wednesday: some light delts & chest + triceps and biceps…my shoulders have been tight lately…not recovering well, so after today i’m going going to hit them much…I want them to recover before I hit the stage on Saturday. The only chest and delt work I do on Wednesday will just be to get some blood in the muscles.

Thursday: i’ll leave early in the am for NJ (where i’m staying)…we’ll get to the hotel by mid-day/early afternoon. I will do some cardio as soon as I get there to loosen up…maybe a few light exercises in the hotel fitness room and some stretching.

Friday: i’ll mostly take it easy, but will do some walking around + some light cardio in the hotel fitness room…second half of the day i’ll rest up.

Only 7 days left!


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